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National Delegate Conference Liverpool 18-21 June 2013

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Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved will be posted here throughout the week. For other reports see the UK pages. Follow breaking news from Scotland on the UNISON Scotland blog

Benefits cuts based on prejudice and dogma must be challenged
This government’s welfare policy is based, not on evidence but on prejudice and dogma, “drip fed through friendly right wing media to make sure that facts don’t get in the way,” and UNISON will challenge it at every turn

A living wage and a living pension go hand in hand
A living wage and a living pension go hand in hand and benefit not only low paid workers and pensioners but also employers and the economy as a whole. UNISON will campaign vigorously for a living wage and pension overseen by a “Living Wage and Pension” Commission, to replace the Low Pay Commission. 21 June 2013

Organising to support members in dispersed workplaces
With more and more fragmentation of public services, through outsourcing, personalisation or the break up of established bargaining arrangements, conference backed a range of measures to recruit, organise and support members in these dispersed workplaces.

International solidarity: Palestine and Colombia
The international session heard harrowing testimony of Colombian activists and calls for a sporting boycott to end Israeli apartheid. 20 June 2013

Resisting reckless attacks on health and safety
UNISON will challenge the Government's reckless attacks on Health and Safety, whilst promoting Health and Safety within the union, ensuring that activists are appropriately trained in the subject matter, and that they know what their rights are in relation to their role as safety reps. 19 June 2013

A better and fairer way than austerity
Gordon McKay, NEC Scotland representative, vowed that UNISON would argue and campaign for an alternative to austerity - for a better way, that will put this country first by promoting jobs, public services and growth. 19 June 2013

Call for mass housing programme: Homes for people not profit
Steve Gray, Aberdeenshire UNISON, told Conference: “Homes are for people not profits! Putting profits before people has resulted in the national housing crisis that affects UNISON members and other people on low incomes to middle incomes.” 19 June 2013

Scotland calls for an end to the scandal of publicly funded poverty pay
Delegates slammed the Coalition government’s “slash and burn” responses to the economic crisis, with attacks on pay and terms and conditions and growing privatisation creating a low wage economy, job insecurity and undermining employment rights. 19 June 2013

Police must act on disability hate crime
UNISON will campaign to raise the profile of disability hate crime and will call for it to be treated as seriously as other forms of hate crime. 19 June 2013

Time to get angry to protect rights
Employment rights are human rights, good for the economy and a sign of a healthy society. This was the message from Conference delegates as they pledged to fight Government attacks on our employment and trade union rights. Gordon McKay. 18 June 2013

Care solutions need to recognise devolved powers
Scotland’s Stephen Smellie brought a Scottish perspective to the debate reminding delegates that social care and the NHS are devolved matters, and different solutions will need to develop in response to different issues. 18 June 2013

Lilian Macer

Welcome to Conference from Lilian Macer, Scottish Convener

Welsome to Liverpool for UNISON's 20th National Delegate Conference. Can I extend a very special welcome to first time delegates and visitors at NDC.

As you would expect our main focus since last year’s NDC has understandably been to do all we can to protect our public services and our members who deliver them.

In Scotland we have participated in a large number of events both through the STUC and directly organised by UNISON, all giving a clear message that 'there is a better way' and we do have alternatives to the coalition government’s cuts agenda. Read more...

Get the Morning Star at Conference

Morning StarThe Morning Star is the only newspaper that reports daily on the debates at conference and reports them favourably. Other daily newspapers are more likely to attack the delegates who demand an end to austerity and decent pay, conditions and pensions for our members.

If you make a speech at conference there is a good chance you'll see your wit and wisdom reported in the paper next day. It is on sale outside conference each day and there is a stall in the exhibitions area.

To make sure you get a copy see Tommy Morrison from West Dunbartonshire branch.





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