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STUC 2014 Dundee

STUC 2014
A Just ScotlandWe will be reporting all the UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 117th STUC Congress in Dundee from 14-16 April. Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON's April/May issue an on the blog at http://unison-scotland.blogspot.co.uk/. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website


STUC slams police control centre cuts In almost the last throw of the dice on Wednesday afternoon, Congress backed an emergency motion from the Aberdeen Trade Union Council, condemning Police Scotland’s decision to close the Control Centres at Aberdeen, Dumfries, Stirling and Glenrothes, without consultation and with the loss of over 450 jobs. 16 April 2014

Save the Charlie Reid Centre The STUC congratulated the Save the Charile Reid Centre campaign and will call upon Glasgow City Council to continue its block funding for the centre. 16 April 2014

UNISON warns that women may not be receiving the proper maternity pay Congress backed moves to better inform women about their maternity rights amidst concerns that many women returning from maternity leave feel discriminated against by employers and colleagues. 16 April 2014

STUC continues to push for answers on referendum issues As the independence referendum approaches, the STUC today pledged to continue to push politicians for answers on key issues for the trade union movement. 16 April 2014

Mandela Day in Glasgow will celebrate Madiba’s unique achievements The STUC will celebrate Nelson Mandela’s “unsurpassable contribution to the causes of freedom, liberation and anti-racism” by working with ACTSA, Glasgow City Council, and the STUC Black Members’ Committee to celebrate Mandela Day and to enhance the celebrations to reflect Madiba’s unique achievements and inspiration. 16 April 2014

UNISON and STUC tackling Israeli apartheid Sam Macartney drew on UNISON’s experience of hosting Palestinian footballer Mahood Sarack Mahood, who comes from the Occupied Territories had been arrested and interned for the ‘crime’ of trying to visit his family without the permission of the Israeli army. 16 April 2014

High standards of elderly care need well paid, well trained staff Congress once again condemned short-term cost “saving” practices which undermine the care of older people in Scotland and the STUC will press the Scottish Government and the Labour Party to take action to end such practices. 15 April 2014

Lack of openness on police and fire VAT leaves taxpayers with £30 million burden The FBU and UNISON highlighted that the creation of a centralised Police and Fire Service has meant the Scottish taxpayer footing a bill of approximately £30 million pounds through the loss of VAT exemption – a burden that is unnecessary and unfair and impacts dramatically on both community and emergency worker safety. 15 April 2014

Austerity is 'an attack on human decency' - Call for house build programme Congress threw its weight behind a wide ranging Composite, spearheaded by UNISON, and pledged to campaign for more social homes, especially for young people, through lobbying politicians and working to ensure young people and tenants know their rights. 15 April 2014

Scotland should use powers to create fairer council funding now The Council Tax freeze is benefitting the richest by £1,500 while disabled people can be £3,000 worse off. "That needs fixed and it can be done in Scotland now - we have all the powers we need", UNISON's Stephen Smellie told the STUC congress. 15 April 2013

Deliver affordable and flexible childcare now The Scottish Government should deliver on its post referendum plans for more affordable childcare now, reform the market to upskill staff and improve their pay; and recognise that accessibility and flexibility are just as important as affordability to working women. 15 April 2014

Fund the deficit by tackling tax avoiders not by attacking the welfare state In her first speech to Congress, UNISON’s Helen Duddy told delegates that austerity has destruction written all over it. “It brought about splits in our communities ... it isolated our most vulnerable groups,” Helen said. “First striking at the workers by imposing pay freezes and cuts, then it came around to target those that need support most.” 15 April 2014

Bedroom tax: Stop this 'vicious, outrageous attack on the poorest' STUC delegates condemned the bedroom tax as a “vicious, outrageous attack on the poorest” and called for it to be scrapped immediately. 15 April 2014

Rally against Dundee University job cuts 22 April The STUC has thrown its weight behind a rally on 22 April against job cuts at Dundee University and is calling on the government to commit to no compulsory redunfancies in higher education. 15 April 2014

Union learning – Making a difference to people’s lives Hazel Marshall gets an immediate reply from the First Minister as she calls on the Scottish Government to take union learning seriously. “We need to be saying to the Scottish Government, if you can make a commitment to big business to cut corporation tax, you can make a commitment to Scotland’s workforce and Scotland’s people to improve our skills and abilities.” 15 April 2014

University review on diversity must be implemented "Until we have governors and senior management teams of universities that fully represent the diversity of their workforce and student body we will continue to see building projects prioritised over decent pay and equitable terms and conditions for all staff and for Black and female staff. The glass ceiling will not only continue to exist but will be reinforced and double glazed", UNISON's Davena Rankin tells the STUC. 15 April 2014

Face to face careers guidance critical to attainment "UNISON believes our careers professionals in SDS have a fundamental role to play in developing Scotland‘s Young Workforce and can achieve this if Scottish Government adequately resource and concentrate on what actually works", UNISON's James Corry tells the STUC. 15 April 2014

You've given us children's law - now give us the resources "A law - Children and Young People Act - that has great intentions to improve the wellbeing of our children in Scotland needs to be backed up with the resources to actually deliver on those promises. Otherwise it will be no more than intentions - and worse still, our members will be left carrying the can", UNISON's John Stevenson told Congress, seconding an SSTA motion. 15 April 2014

Taking profit out of energy would benefit us all Shifting away from a profit driven big business model for energy supply could move us towards a system geared at efficient energy use rather than shareholder value – which would benefit all of us, and the planet, UNISON's Willie Docherty told the STUC. 14 April 2014

Austerity “a political choice, not an economic necessity” The Congress pledged to continue its high profile campaign against welfare cuts and austerity and will press the UK and Scottish governments to take steps to improve employment protections, including the abolition of employment tribunal fees, and an end to poverty pay. 14 April 2014

Investment in public services and living wage are key to recovery The STUC backs a UNISON motion calling on UK and Scottish Governments to end austerity and instead invest in public services and pay a Living Wage to ensure a 'better today and more prosperous tomorrow for Scotland’s people'. Margaret Cook... 14 April 2014

Call for Scottish Health and Safety Executive The STUC backed a call from Edinburgh TUC for the devolution of all of the functions of the Health and Safety executive in Scotland to be devolved to Scotland. 14 April 2014

Outlaw zero hours contracts for the benefit of citizens and service users as well as workers “We should be tackling the issue of zero hours contracts not just as workers and trade unionists but also as citizens and service users,” UNISON’s Jane Aitchison told STUC delegates. 14 April 2014

Collective bargaining essential for the economy "Collective bargaining is now essential for our economy", UNISON's Jane Carolan told the STUC congress in a 'back to basics' speech caling for a new manifesto for negotiating rights. 14 April 2014

Implement post referendum industrial plans now! Brenda Aitchison backs STUC calls for a range of measures to promote sustainable economic growth in Scotland and will urge the Scottish Government to implement their plans for industrial strategy, fairer employment and greater equality, now instead of waiting till after the referendum.14 April 2014


STUC 2014
We will be reporting all the UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 117th STUC Congress in Dundee from 14-16 April. Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON's April/May issue an on the blog at http://unison-scotland.blogspot.co.uk/. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website

This year's STUC Annual Congress in Dundee will be the last before the historical vote on Scotland's future and in a departure from normal, the two key political speakers, The First Minister and the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party will not only address Congress put will take part in a Q&A with delegates.

Congress will attract around 300 trade union delegates representing almost 618,000 members. There will be 33 trade unions attending, 19 trades union councils as well as a number of international guests and speakers from the world of politics. UNISON's delegation is 32 strong and includes NEC members, delegates elected by Scottish branches and staff. Congress will be chaired by President Harry Frew of UCATT.





STUC Dundee Caird Hall

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Reports by John Stevenson, Kate Ramsden and Jane Aitchison in Dundee.