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STUC 2014 Dundee

Collective bargaining essential for the economy

Jane carolan
Jane Carolan

"Collective bargaining is now essential for our economy", Jane Carolan told the STUC congress in a 'back to basics' speech calling for a new manifesto for negotiating rights.

"These rights must be enforced and enforced together-we should not accept half measures or other attempts to distract us", she said.

She was backing a motion from the General Council backed by Unite, PCS, RMT and the STUC youth conference which called for:-

- legislation that seeks to respect, promote and develop collective bargaining in accordance with international law;

- enforcement powers to ensure employers comply

- a ban on the use of union busting firms;

- law to make collective bargaining is a pre-condition in awarding public contracts;

- a statutory scheme of sectoral bargaining, responsive to the needs of each sector, with Wages Councils instituted in those sectors without the infrastructure to support collective bargaining.

Jane laid out the basic trade union rights we must campaign for. She called for: "The right to collective bargaining to be underpinned by other fundamental labour rights

"The right to organise unimpeded by the blacklist organisers or the union busters

"And the right to strike, the fundamental right to withdraw labour.

"These rights must be enforced and enforced together-we should not accept half measures or other attempts to distract us."

Collective bargaining is essential for the regulation of working conditions and for achieving higher wages but it is also essential for our economy: "To raise wages, and thus stimulate demand and increase employment, while also ensuring an increased tax take and a lower benefits bill."

"Collective Bargaining challenges inequality and is a force for social justice", said Jane.

"Collective bargaining provides a collective voice for the workforce and the basis of industrial democracy.

"As a movement we must stick to these clear demands as our basis for achieving a better deal for the working class of this country."

Date 14 April 2014

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