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STUC 2014 Dundee

Mandela Day in Glasgow will celebrate Madiba’s unique achievements

Paul Gupta
Paul Gupta

The STUC will celebrate Nelson Mandela’s “unsurpassable contribution to the causes of freedom, liberation and anti-racism” by working with ACTSA, Glasgow City Council, and the STUC Black Members’ Committee to celebrate Mandela Day and to enhance the celebrations to reflect Madiba’s unique achievements and inspiration.

Supporting, UNISON’s Paul Gupta told delegates that one of the earliest of many honours and awards which Nelson Mandela received in his long life was from UNISON’s predecessor, NALGO, who gave him Honorary Life Membership of the union.

“While we were giving Nelson Mandela the only honour in our power, the Tory Government of the time was opposing sanctions against South Africa and refusing to talk to the ANC.

“Our view was different,” said Paul, “And our members showed their commitment to ending apartheid with their time, money and political support over the decades.

“So while we are sad at the passing of one of the great men of our time, we celebrate his life of achievement and we take pride in the fact that this union has never wavered in our support for freedom and justice in South Africa.

“A commitment that continues to this day through our links with Action for Southern Africa and Community Heart.”

Date 16 April 2014

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