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STUC 2014 Dundee

Austerity is 'an attack on human decency' - Call for house build programme

Lilian Macer
Lilian Macer

Congress threw its weight behind a wide ranging Composite, spearheaded by UNISON, and pledged to campaign for more social homes, especially for young people, through lobbying politicians and working to ensure young people and tenants know their rights.

The STUC will also press the UK and Scottish Government to reverse cuts in public spending, create jobs, invest in affordable and social housing and regulate the private rented sector.

Scottish Convener, Lilian Macer told Congress that the snappily titled “Housing, Good Services, Decent Welfare and Young People” could just as easily have been shortened to “decency, dignity and respect.”

“Because this composite is about ensuring a level of decency, dignity and yes, respect for our young people. Whatever their age, whatever their capacity to work, whatever their family circumstances.”

She condemned a media, “much of it owned by tax dodgers,” that blames “our people for the mess caused by a combination of bankers and greed,” and told delegates.

"This composite is about exposing austerity for what it is.. an attack on human decency", said Lilian. "and it sets out some of the measures we'll need to take on the road to recovery."

"Scotland has a housing crisis. there are over 180,000 people on local authority waiting lists alone."

While there has been great focus on the bedroom tax, the fact is that almost 60,000 homes are overcrowded, most of these are children and families.

"Building more social housing was the solution for the housing crisis after the second World War - and it is the obvious choice now", said Lilian.

"Building social housing means people gain through improved housing choice. And we all gain from the reduction in housing benefit bills and income from rents to local authorities can be reinvested".


Date 15 April 2014

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