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STUC 2014 Dundee

Save the Charlie Reid Centre

Sam Macartney
Sam Macartney

The STUC congratulated the Save the Charile Reid Centre campaign and will call upon Glasgow City Council to continue its block funding for the centre.

The centre, which provides services to over 500 people who have experienced mental health difficulties, has temporarily been reprieved from closure but the campaign needs to go on.

Glasgow City Council had decided to end the block grant and replace it with alternative funding whereby less than 100 people apply for Self Directed Support. This will threaten the viability of the centre.

Seconding the Glasgow TUC emergency motion, UNISON's Sam Macartney said: "The possibility of the closure of this special centre will have a devastating impact on those who use and need this service.

"Once again we see the most vulnerable people in our society penalised because of so called austerity cuts.

"My UNISON branch in Glasgow were behind the foundation of a group committed to saving and defending our public services - “Defend Glasgow Services” will continue to campaign for all the public services needed by the most vulnerable in our community.

"Our trade union UNISON will continue to fight for quality public services wherever and whenever we can

"UNISON’s policy is to assure our members that they are worth it. The STUC policy is that There Is A Better Way, we must now all of us ensure our political parties take heed. Services not excuses."

Date 16 April 2014

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