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National Delegate Conference 2006


Welcome to Conference 20-23 June 2006

Mike KirbyIts June, it's the South Coast of England. It must be time for UNISON National Delegate Conference.

The thirteenth National Delegate Conference will take place at a time of increasing tension within Government. The last throes of Blair, as he looks for the issue which will leave his imprint upon history, could be a dangerous period for public services.

The modernisation drive continues on services and pensions are well within target. Any following leadership candidates have either been Blairites or, like Brown the architect or manager of much of the reform.

A lot of what we expected of the third term New Labour government was included in the Warwick Agreement … much has still to be delivered. National Delegate Conference will consider these issues and others of internal organisation, collective bargaining, health and safety, equalities and international trade unionism.

Of the 147 motions and associated amendments submitted experience suggests that around forty motions and composites will be chosen for debate, after prioritisation by NEC, regions and equality groups. That process has highlighted the themes in the policy guide.

With a few exceptions the agenda should provide a broad consensus. You will find a policy summary in this booklet and the Communications & Campaigns Committee Briefings Team will keep you updated with daily briefings at Conference.

Don't forget the meeting of Scottish Branches on:

MONDAY 19 JUNE 2006 FROM 5.30PM - 7.30PM
Merrick Suite, Menzies Carlton Hotel, East Overcliffe, Bournemouth (at the Conference Centre)
Light refreshments will be provided. Conference Crθche will be available until 7.00pm:

Mike Kirby
Convenor UNISONScotland





Mike Kirby

Jane Carolan

Thabitha Khumalo