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Friday 23 June Briefing 1



At last it's Friday and the gallop begins

The business now hots up as we try to get through as many motions on the last day as possible.

104. Global Warming
101. Protecting our Environment and maintaining our energy supplies

Having safe, secure, enduring and affordable power supplies are addressed in 104, 101 and other motions. But while the government has set up a debate on the future of energy supply, a Tony Blair speech in mid-May sought to predetermine many of the issues offered for debate in those motions. Protecting business before he goes? Don't be cynical. Might even lead one to support the view of disengagement with politics.

101.2 calls for the renationalisation of the utilities. This has often been debated before and sets out an impossible claim.
SUPPORT 104 and 104.2 SUPPORT 101 but OPPOSE 101.2 17

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety debate now has a regular space on the UNISON conference agenda of 150 submissions, but motion 17 thinks it merits a special conference. This risks sidelining Health and Safety instead of mainstreaming. It would be logistically impossible and the issue is far better dealt with by topic conferences and workshops.
SUPPORT 17 as amended by 17.01

15 Workers Memorial Day

As we strive for helath & safety and future protections, motion 15 seeks the remembrance of past victims of workplace tragedies and failings.~ SUPPORT

EM1 Anti-British National Party SUPPORT

95 Trade Union Freedom Bill

Individual rights at work have been advanced to some extent since the change of government. However, these can only be advanced through greater collective rights . SUPPORT

92 Screening of Blood Donors SUPPORT

70 Affordable Child Care Delivered by Properly Trained and Fairley Paid Childcare Wortkers

Recent research commissio ned by UNISON Scotland, and similar work for the Audit Commission in England, shows that child care and child care/education workers are undervalued. Affordable childcare, by confident, competent and rewarded workers should be universal. SUPPORT

Comp C Council Housing SUPPORT

116 Promoting Equality

The subject of promoting equal opportunities at home, and whether public bodies have a duty to set and lead. SUPPORT

90 Defend the NHS SUPPORT if it is clear that the national demonstration called for is the one already decided upon by the Health Group.

16 Health & Safety deregulation While we in the trade unions increase our attention to health and safety matters, motion 16 states that there is a trend in government to downplay. It mentions the UK government's weakest proposals on corporate manslaughter. The proposals under consideration at Scottish Parliament are better. SUPPORT


If it looks like we will get any further, we will issue another bulletin.