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Glasgow 2005

UNISON National Conference Glasgow 2005



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Welcome to Conference 21-24 June 2005

Mike KirbyIt is almost 15 years since one of the partners which formed UNISON had their main conference in Glasgow. We know many delegates will already have been here for service group and self organised group conferences but we now look forward to welcoming them all to the main conference.

I hope this delegates handbook will help old and new delegates alike find their way through the agenda and the procedures this week.

Please feel free to contact your regional delegates, Karie Murphy or me, if you need any advice. As usual, Scotland will be co-hosting the International Rally on Monday night, giving delegates a chance to hear trade union and labour movement guests from around the world and discuss issues with them. Scotland is also sponsoring a Justice for Colombia event o9n the Tuesday night.

Scotland always plays a major part in debates and organisation at Conference and this year is no exception with several issues from Scottish branches being prioritised for debate.

A lot of what we expect from a third term new Labour Government was included in the Warwick Agreement between Labour and the unions and this will be underlined throughout the week.

You will find a policy summary in this booklet and the Communications & Campaigns Committee Briefings Team will keep you updated with daily briefings at Conference.

Don't forget the meeting of Scottish Branches on: MONDAY 20 JUNE 2005 FROM 5.30PM - 7.30PM MOAT HOUSE HOTEL, GLASGOW (at the Conference Centre) Your card votes will be available at the meeting.

Light refreshments will be provided. Conference Cr่che will be available until 7.00pm:

Mike Kirby
Convenor UNISONScotland