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Wednesday 21 June Briefing 1



Pensions what next?

The NEC's Motion 35 sets out the next steps in the campaign to defend pensions across the services. There are a host of amendments and most can be supported, apart from two.

Amendment 35.06 raises the two-tier debate that many Service Groups will already have discussed this week. The main motion deals with issues still under debate with regard to the UK Local Government scheme where there may be scope for further transitionery arrangements and future calculators.

These would have the effect of maintaining pensions values. The drive is for a new scheme that removes current inequalities and takes us forward. The commitment is to ballot on that.

The discussions on a future scheme have yet to open in Scotland but the issue is that a new scheme will be one scheme for all.

Amendment 35.09 should really be the property of the Health group and not Conference. Full negotiations are still happening with the next meeting on 28 June. Lifelong protection is expected to be on the cards then. As such the amendment is not a fair reflection of the negotiations.
SUPPORT 35 OPPOSE 35.06 and 35.09

The rest of today's business is not contentious. It remains to be seen if we can get on to the reserve list of motions and these are covered in Tuesday's briefing. Just to be on the safe side, here are another couple...

120: EU Service Directive Raises the importance of ensuring our members are made aware of the implications of European issues for our jobs and public services. SUPPORT

64 Healthy Minds at Work Support for stewards dealing with members who are stressed and may suffer mental health problems. SUPPORT