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Edinburgh TUC

March and Rally for Public Services

Saturday 17 November 2001 - Edinburgh
Assemble *11.30am* NOTE TIME PLEASE East Market Street
March Off at 12 noon
Rally in Assembly Rooms George Street at 1pm

John Keggie - Deputy General Secretary, Communication Workers Union
David Bleiman - President STUC
Eddie Reilly - Scottish Secretary, Public & Commercial Service Union
John Stevenson - Secretary City of Edinburgh UNISON
John McAllion MSP
Tommy Sheridan MSP

The Trade Union Movement asks you to support Public Services

The Government is intent on introducing more private sector influence into the delivery of public services. This aim is opposed by the trade union movement. If the Government is successful, services will deteriorate, jobs will be lost and private contractors will make billions in profit.

UNISON says....

"For too long public services have been characterised by under investment, crumbling infrastructure and a poorly paid, demoralised workforce.

"It is time to modernise and provide better, more responsive public services based on these principles...

  • Giving people a say in their services
  • Choosing quality services
  • Choose teamwork - co-ordinated services delivered by a fairly treated public service team

This means public services that are publicly owned, democratically run and properly resourced."

The CWU says...

"Creeping privatisation is having a devastating effect on the postal service and postal workers. Licenses for the most profitable areas are being granted in a blatant example of cherry picking.

"Once these areas are in private hands it will be very difficult to maintain a uniform public service across the UK. Millions will be siphoned off which would be better invested in the service"

The PCS says....

"Privatisation is ineffective. It is wasteful and has hidden costs. Ourservices and our members jobs are threatened.

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