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The dispute is now over with the last councils having settled. Full details on the settlements will follow when they are at hand. See the the Scotland in UNISON report of June 2004 for full details.

Scotland's nursery nurses have achieved local settlements after a year of selective action and up to three months of all out strike. They send their thanks for the messages of support from home and around the world.


From Kathleen
unison glasgow

well done to all those who stood together to the end we did our best and should be proud of ourselves.

From Kirstine
unison Renfrewshire

I think Nursery Nurses are a vital part of childrens education it,s just a pity that our local councils dont agree. After this industrial action i feel totally under valued and unrespected. But thank you to my union reps for getting the best deal they could.

From Aileen
unison glasgow

Its over and im glad we had reached the the end of the line just sad our offer wasnt as high as other local authorities but we should all be proud of coming this far.

From Anne Marie
unison glasgow

can't believe the nurses were forced back to work with 'bully boy' tactics and from a labour council - disgusting.


From Kath
unison fife

to all our colleagues who have still to settle , keep strong, you deserve a good deal, we are all with you and good luck


From Aileen Johnstone
unison glasgow

cant believe we are still out after all this time and that gcc isnt giving us a decent offer also it would appear that the longer serving you are the lower the pay rise? where is the incentive now to stay with this council?

From Jean
UNISON Edinburgh

I'm glad to go back to work but I feel that I'm going back still underpaid and undervalued by the council. Stick at it till you get what you really deserve. We're still behind you here in Edinburgh. Good luck.

From Maureen Malone
Unison Dundee

I fully support all the Nursery nurses still on strike, I wish I was. I am proud to say that I voted no, but can fully understand my fellow colleagues who are on their own and were starved back to work. Keep strong and keep together, you are more than worth it. We in Dundee are quite solid, in that the friendships we have made on the picket lines and the fun we have had on marches and demonstrations has been brilliant, something I will never forget. I remain stronger and commited to our cause. Sisters together.

From Roberta McCutcheon
unison fife

a quotation about women written by william ross wallace says that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. perhaps pat watters from cosla and our ever loving jack mconell should be shaking in their shoes!!! keep strong glasgow.

28/5/04: Note: For some reason messages from 20/5/04 did not show. They are now listed under that date below

From Aileen Johnstone
unison glasgow

just read that edinburgh nursery nurses are going back to work does anyone know what the offer was?

Webmanager: Aileen and other interested folks, click on http://www.unison-edinburgh.org.uk/nursery.html for the Edinburgh settlement. The meeting of nursery nurses in Edinburgh today was unanimous in its support for colleagues still on strike in other authorities. "This is a settlement in Edinburgh reflecting the specific difficulties in Edinburgh. Our full support goes out to all our colleagues in other authorities. We will back them to the full in their fight for what they see as a fair settlement"

From Margaret Grady
UNISON Glasgow

Well Jacqueline, we did it !! It is truly overwhelming that we can be so brave after 13 weeks of strike action. When will GCC admit that we deserve better? Has anyone noticed how very similar the offers are for those who are still out? A remarkable coincidence or a cunning plan??? Judi, I applaud you for your continued support and for keeping in touch.I think we should all as Nursery Nurses keep in touch,continue with the support of each other now and when the dust has finally settled. In Solidarity, Margaret/Glasgow Keep strong and hold your heads high.


From kerry
Unison Fife

W e should all be so proud of what we have achieved so far. Thank you everyone for your support during the last 13 weeks.It is strange to back at work, the staff at Fife House will miss us. Remember to keep visiting my website www.zyworld.com/bluebell to get support.
Goodluck Glasgow Edinburgh and Renfrewshire.We are all with you.
Keep strong

From Heather
Unison Glasgow

The meeting on Wednesday was tough. I think a lot of people were thinking of voting yes until we saw the additional terms in the revised draft. GCC you have only got yourselves to blame. Sort it out and let us get back to work.


From Judi McKenna

Have just heard the news tonight that Glasgow have rejected the latest deal. I applaud your courage everyone. Well Done. If the deal was not good enough for you, then you did right to reject, especially after being out for so long. How brave. You have my admiration, respect, and complete understanding at how difficult a decision you have taken tonight, and you continue to have my support. Keep strong everyone.
Judi, Nursery Nurse, Dundee xxx

From Julie Munro
Unison renfrewshire

i agree with val slaven 100% i know that it is so hard,not just about the increase in wages, but the how the council recognise the fundamental job in which we do! I too, have gone that bit extra, in my work, such as the shopping at weekends, the taking work home at nights, going into work earlier, and going that extra mile.................and what has it been for?? Lets try and keep smiling, stick together, and support each other. We are professionals who provide a vital service to our society, and we need to be recognised for it!!both in terms of pay, and as early years professionals!! Good luck to all the nursery nurses still out after 13 weeks!!!!

From Val Slaven
unison renfrewshire

cant believe it is 13 weeks since we started this action , the offer the council gave us was just unacceptable who would work more hours and get paid less for it.i felt so hurt and disgusted that ,that was all they felt we were worth .this council will see a very bitter workforce returning to work . which is so sad because all our efforts were for the chidren, all the extra fundraising that provided resources to enable us to carry out the curriculum the shopping done when we were out at the weekends. we didn't have to do it but we did. i would like to take this opportunity to thank parents ,public, and staff team colleages for their support ,and to all my fellow strikers a very big thankyou for lifting my spirits on my "down "days of which have beem many.we can hold our heads high when ever we decide that the time is right for us to go back to work .i have no doubts we will be one of the last to settle so be it.


From Aileen Johnstone
unison glasgow

lets hope we get what we deserve and soon!!! r u listening gcc!!

From Jacqueline
Unison Glasgow

hello to all my fellow colleagues out there who are involved in this longrunning bitter dispute. Be strong. The meeting on wednesday will be the decider, however I am urging everyone who is not 100% confident with the offer not to take it. I, like everyone else, am desperate to get back to work and be able to pay my bills without worrying. This worry will only be dissolved if the offer is right. We have lost three months wages and to go back for nothing less than we deserve would be so hard. The councils treatment of us is ridiculous. They are trying to divide us all and get us back to work with underhand measures. Please stay strong and hopefully at the meeting on wednesday we will be offered exactly what we deserve x

From Louise Judge
LHMU Perth, Australia

Good Luck, working with childcare workers everyday it never ceases to amaze me how strong and brave they are! Stay solid, you are an inspiration to childcare workers around the world! x x x ...>>More LHMU messages


From John Livingstone PCS GLW Branch Organiser

Well done folks! You have kept strong and tried hard to keep your plight in the media mainstream despite the derison from some tabloids and other such rags. Being ignored by employers/councillors who should be hell bent and have the power to end this dispute wil not be forgotten by parents of nursery kids like myself when this dispute is over. REMEMBER! they will all be looking for your/our votes in the very short term. Stay strong and achieve all. REMEMBER! "It's better to die on you feet than live on your knees" SOLIDARITY from us. >> Next PCS message


From Jacqueline
Unison Glasgow City Branch

I would like to say to all my fellow colleagues out there, do not give up now, that is what the council want. Stay strong and united we will win this. We must stand together for a little longer, after 12 weeks that is not an easy task, but we must do it. We can't give up now. We must stick together to get what we deserve. We are relying on each other, so be strong and we WILL win this! xx

From dave Nicholson
UNISON Glenrothes

'Education, education, education'was once the mantra of Blair & his cronies. They are now showing their true blue colours. Good luck in your struggle. We are behind you 100 percent !


From Kirstine
Unison Renfrewshire

I would just like to say that the nursery nusres have been strong, brave and their solidarity has been outstanding well done to everyone and hopefully we will be back to work soon with a pay deal which we deserve.


From Sheena
Unison Fife

Jack McConnell sat on the wall,
Jack McConnell wouldn't play ball,
All the nursery nurses wanted to say,
was "We deserve a national pay"
what do you think???


From Zia Syed
Health Workers Union Pakistan Gujrat-Pakistan

You are inspirational! Child care workers and low paid workers in Pakistan will be encouraged by your action in their own struggles. All the very best to you all in taking this stand together.

From Ed Nicholles
Canadian Union of Postal workers Fraser Valley West Local

Good Luck in your struggle peace, Love & Solidarity
Ed Nicholles C.U.P.W.


From Lyndal Ryan
LHMU Canberra, Australia

"Good on ya!"
>> next LHMU message

13/5/04 - International messages today from Pakistan and a host from colleagues in Australia. Thansk very much indeed.

From Zia Sayed
All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) Gujrat -City (Pakistan)

APFUTU support your demand to Scotland Govt.


From Peter Campsie
alhmu nsw

Comrades, my union represents child care workers in aust and are currently involved in national campaign to upgrade our pay and conditions and to have employers recognise our professionalism in nurturing our nations most precious asset we admire your tenacity and principles in your long struggle good luck im sure you have all child care workers across the world supporting you and hoping you win your struggle. >> more LHMU messages


From Sue Fenwick
LHMU Adelaide, Australia

You are inspirational! Child care workers and low paid workers in South Australia will be encouraged by your action in their own struggles. All the very best to you all in taking this stand together. >> more LHMU messages


From Leah Nischler
lhmu Tasmania

As a union official and ex childcare I both support and applaud your courageous stance. By doing what you are doing you are making a statement that nursery nurses will not be exploited and underpaid and that they deserve respect, recognition and proper renummeration. Fight the good fight
Leah Nischler >> more LHMU messages


From Sarah Andrews
LHMU South Australia

Your struggle is for nursery & child care workers everywhere to be recognised for the very important role you play in our communities. You deserve proper recognition for the care, security & education you provide for young children. I wish you well.
Sarah Andrews >> more LHMU messages


From Jim Lloyd
LHMU Sydney, Australia

Stay strong and united. Good luck and best wishes. >> more LHMU messages


From Hayden Falconer
LHMU Western Australia

keep up the fight and never give an inch.
>> more LHMU messages


From Ben Drake
UNISON York City

Further to previous message, our branch have now voted (if perhaps a bit late in the day!) to send a donation of £1000 for the strike fund. Cheque is on the way. Best wishes + solidarity to all and especially those still out. >> more messages from York City



From Andrew Casey
LHMU Child Care Union Australia Sydney, Australia

Here I am writing to you from Australia. We are very aware of your long struggle. Child care workers in this country want you to win - 'cause it will give heart to our own campaign for a better deal. Check out our latest campaign at: http://www.lhmu.org.au/lhmu/campaigns/childcare_budget/ Visit our web-pages at: http://www.lhmu.org.au/childcare/index.html
>> next LHMU message

From John Stevenson

13/5/04 Thanks for getting back to me and reistating to nurserynursessolidarityaction me after the error.


From Lisa

I would like to offer my support and best wishes to those out on strike. Last Friday, we returned to work after accepting an offer in Dundee. It was a tough long, 9 week battle and I would really like to congratulate everyone on their solidaritory. I have to agree with another comment in seconding the fact that the strike has brought Nursery Nurses as a whole much closer and its great. Please continue to visit my site. I would to ask anyone who can to send me information on how their region is going so that I can keep things up to date and gather support. By visiting my site at http://pages.ivillage.com /unitedwestand you can email me from there. Carry on fighting and I wish you all the luck. All the best, Lisa


From UNISON Greater London Region Education Sub-Committee
The Education Sub- Committee of the Greater London Regional Local Government Committee sends its warmest support to the striking nursery nurses, with the hope that all your demands are met in full.


From David P Anderson
E. I. S. Edinburgh

Good Luck and if you are worth it hang in there for the best deal now or the Regions will railroad you for years to come! >>next EIS message



From Jean
Unison Edinburgh

Having read the draft copy of a job description for "Early Years Worker" it makes me wonder how a job description for a Nursery teacher would be written, not much difference I shouldn't wonder. She will still get far more than us WHEN we get our well earned pay rise. Who wants to be called an Early Years Worker anyway? Who thought that one up? I think it's a degrading, demeaning name. I am a Nursery Nurse and proud of it. Keep up the good work and stay strong till we get what we deserve.

Selection at 3/5/04

From Angela Nicoll
Unison West Dunbartonshire

I'm a nursery nurse from clydebank and it looks like our branch will be entering the 10th week of all out industrial action, along with many other branches across Scotland. It deeply saddens me that CoSLA failed to see the need for a national settlement for nursery nurses but are arranging for a national pay grade for councillers at the rate of £25,000 part-time. Now knowing that the National Industrial Actions committee are supporting the nursery nurses still out on strike with no set date for reviewing the situation i hope we all STAY OUT until WE are happy with what the employers are offering us. Stay strong and good luck x

From Vince Butler
Unison Coventry

Coventry District Branch Committee met today 30th April 2004. Following a report of your dispute we decided to send you a letter of support and a donation of £500. The branch feel you fight is an inspiration to us all. It good to see people of such strength of character prepaired to face hardship to force the employer to pay a decent wage. You fight is our fight. Good Luck and solidarity. The cheque is in the post.
Vince Butler on behalf of Coventry District Branch


From Tracy
Unison Glasgow

I'm a nursery nurse in Glasgow and have been on the "rollercoaster of emotion" as everyone else has. I thank everyone for their support- I couldn't do it without it. I draw strength now from the fact that we are almost there. We should all be proud of raising our profiles- nobody will ever say "oh aye, you play wi weans!" again!! Let's get the best we can and hold our heads high x x x

From Elaine
Unison Glasgow

I am a nursery nurse from Glasgow and would like to congratulate all of the striking nursery nurses for their determination and loyalty over the last 8 weeks. I know we are all feeling let down and disheartend now that we have entered local negotiations but its not over we don't have to accept the insults they have offered because we know the service we provide to the children of Scotland is worth more than that and so are we . Stand proud and stay strong until we get what we deserve!

From Beverley
unison Edinburgh

Well done to everyone for the outstanding rejection of the disguisting council offer put to us on Monday.We are as a group of people bloody brilliant for what we have put up with so far. Lets keep the momentum up and show Frank (Jack) Russell and his cronnies where they can stick their offer.

From Emma Cranie
Unison North Lanarkshire

I am proud to say that i took part in eight weeks industrial action and fought for what i beleived in. They should be ashamed of themselves. WELL DONE

From Kerry
Unison Fife

The great thing about this strike that nobody can take from us is the people that we have met and the friendships we have formed. It is brilliant the solidarity that we have shown. Thank you everyone who has supported us it really has meant alot and at times kept us going. We are not going away, we will fight on. Goodluck with your local deals now that is all we have left and stay strong

From Tony Alderton
UNISON Maidstone

Keep up the good work - you will triumph in the end.


25 April 04

From Katrina
unison edinburgh

I am a nursery nurse from edindburgh and still on strike,im sorry to see that more and more councils are settling locally.we have all fought so hard the 2 months to get a national deal. we should all be proud of ourselves for how long we stayed out! the last week has been awful hearing all the news from the press and other collegues about the different councils 'local offers'. we have been left with no choice cosla are a disgrace and i hope that all the remaining councils give the rest of us a decent local deal!good luck to all the nursery nurses in fife as we heard that your offer was poor!

From Martin Challender
UNISON Bolton Metro Branch.

At a recent Branch > meeting we had the honour of hearing first hand from striking Scottish Nursery Nurses about their current dispute. It was heartening to hear of their determination to fight low pay and secure a better deal. I would strongly encourage UNISON members involved in the dispute to get round as many Branches as possible (north and south of the border). Your fight is our fight. Best Wishes from Bolton.


22 April 04

From Pamela Page
EIS Kirkintilloch

Congratulations for holding out so long in your strike . All trade unionists should be proud of you. >> See next EIS message


21 April 04

From Paul

Keep going everyone - you deserve every penny of what your asking for. Nil Illegitium Carborundum

20 April 04

From Charlie Butler (sorry for error in name previously - ed)
community and public sector union/civil service association branch
perth western australia

comrades all power to your members. i'm an organiser for the state government public sector union in western australia and i'm also a born and bred dunfermline boy. we too are fighting against a so called labour government with a "rationalist agenda". all the very best. by the strength of your members, you'll win the fight!

From Margaret Grady
Hi All, I have just come back from the STUC conference and have to say a big well done to all involved. I thought I would pass on what I thought were the main points. I know that Gill has posted a message saying that Jack McConnell had been booed. Maybe that was when I was inside so I can't comment on that. He was heckled during his speech, and Sandy Boyle , Chairperson, did ask the visitors for control and said that he would comment at the end of J McC's speech. This he did, and he gave a marvellous vote in favour of the nursery nurses. He said, following a point made by J McC that CoSLA should talk with one voice and that whether you were a nursery nurse in Wick or Wigan then you should be treated the same. He also thanked us for remaining quiet during J Mc C's speech and said that he realised how sensitive an issue it is.
Best wishes, M.

From Stephanie Green
unison ayr

A big hi to all you nursery nurses still on strike well its our eight week its getting hard lets hope that we get it sorted soon so we all can back to work. I am very proud to be a nursery nurse and we have stood strong and are very worth while lets not forget that we do a good job. Keep strong everybody surely the end is near

19 April 04

From Anne Milligan
Unison Edinburgh

According to edinburgh evening news we're all ready to give up, take the local offer & go back to work. utter rubbish, we have met & agreed we are all still solid in our claim for a national settlement.at this crucial stage we should be prepared for more dirty tricks from councillors & their back-pocket press. stay strong,best wishes to all.

18 April 04

From Lee Berrington
Keep up the fight girls, don't let them grind you down. You deserve better recognition for the jobs you do. Give the msp's a wage cut and they could easily give you a decent wage. Good luck to everyone of you.

From Michelle
unison glasgow

Cant believe its 8 weeks.Im now very disheartened and feeling very low.But despite that im not giving in.Lets all stick together we can do it and hopefully we will get the recognition we deserve and a national settlement.

From Angela Martin
UNISON Perth and Kinross

I feel proud to be associated with all nursery nurses wherever I have met them. Although Perth and Kinross Unison members voted to accept an interim offer from the local council overuling the pleas of the shop stewards I wish I could rejoin the mass of good natured people I met during this dispute. I hope that this totally justified dispute is resolved promptly especially as we are about to enter a crucial phase for pre school children, namely the last term prior to the beginning of school life. This term is so important as it prepares the children so well sending them confidently into a new world. Together we will get what we are worth.

17 April 04

From Anita Knapp
Unison East AYRSHIRE

Hi All You Fellow Strikers. Well here we go 8 weeks on Monday. You will all be like me getting a bit disheartened by not hearing anything. Well this week I hope some news will break in our favour, what a wonderful feeling it will be if we get A National Settlement. We will prove all the Local Councils wrong in their assumption that A National Settlement was beyond mear mortals like us (WOMEN) Our strength in staying out together for so long should give them all something to think about. Just remember girls as the song goes.


Keep smiling

From Nan Killick
Unison South Ayrshire

On behalf of all South Ayrshire nursery nurses I would like to thank all those who attended the national rally in Ayr on 13th. April, a great day was had by all despite the weather. I would like to apologise as I ended up in casualty due to twisting my ankle rather severely, and was therefore unable to get around and speak to you all. I am still hobbling around on crutches and was feeling very down this morning as we had another pointless mtg with our employers yesterday. Reading all these letters has cheered me up and I have just printed them all out to give to members at our mtg next week to keep their spirits up as we have heard one or two are going to go back. This will be so damaging for everyone as our employers are waiting for this to happen. We are all so frustrated but if we can only hang in there a wee while longer we will indeed be organising a huge celebration party for us all across Scotland. We have all made new friends and we really must keep in touch after the dispute. Victory will be ours soon friends and thank you one and all for cheering me up on such a driech day in Ayrshire.

16 April 04

From John Livingstone

It was nice to see the support and effort being put in by the Nursery Nurses at Hampden Park on 11/4/04. The adaptation of some football songs were a hoot. More importantly it showed the strength being shown by these TU activists. As a parent of a child involved I would again like to say that the parents still support you and that the TU movement are watching in admiration. Solidarity from us. >> next PCS message

15 April 04

From Linda Shanahan
Fire Brigades Union Kirkcaldy

Your conduct of this campaign has been admirable and now is not the time to back down. Keep strong. They expect you to falter now. I know how difficult it is to keep motivated due to my own strike experiences recently but your cause is just and you have our support to keep you going
Linda Shanahan
STUC Women's Committee
and Fire Brigades Union >> see next FBU message


From Hugh Smiley
Unison Renfrewshire

Well done everyone who has stayed out,at times it's been hard but we are nearly at the end of our fight and at least we can return to work with our heads held high.We will still be picketing every day so give us a toot if you pass us.

From Margaret King

Good luck to all Nursery Nurses participating in the Tay Bridge march. Keep up the fight and stay strong! I am in complete support of all you're trying to achieve.

From nurserynursessolidarityaction
Hi All, Just in case you have heard rumours that Glasgow have accepted a "deal" I want to say that we haven't . According to the Evening Times we will all be back at work by next Wednesday/Thursday. WE HAVE NOT SETTLED. (sorry about that, my daughter has just told me that caps on the internet means that you are shouting) !! Please spread the word that we are still out and still strong.
Best wishes, Margaret.

From Lisa

I agree with Lesley, its important to stay strong. Its getting tough and we would all like to see a speedy resolution!! Please don't forget to view my site in support http://pages.ivillage.com/unitedwestand Note: UNISONScotland is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

14 April 04

From Lesley Greig
Unison Midlothian

Keep strong nursery nurses. You are about to enter the most difficult phase of this strike (after the Easter hols) when the employers will hope to see a surge rather than a drift back to work. Best wishes to you all - keep up the fight.

From Jim McKaig
Unison Dundee City

As a parent of a child in local nursery school, I can not say that this strike has not caused a great deal of problems with associated child- care arrangements. BUT I must stress that I am in complete support to the striking Nursery Nurses and hope that with the solidarity of those on strike remains and they are successful in thier goal. I have just returned from a rally in the city centre of Dundee in support of the Nursery Nurses action, I hope that this show of support will not go unnoticed by the those in authority, but I suspect it will.

11 April 04

From Morag Miller
unison south ayrshire

Greeting to all nursery nurses across scotland. friends and colleagues in south ayrshire are looking forward to welcoming you to the march and rally at the low green in ayr on tuesday. entertainments include: line dancing by nursery nurses from kilmarnock; singing from the s.ayrshire girls; pipe band and face painting for the kids. irn bru, good humour and short bread will be in supply. the rally will end with a rendition of "auld lang syne".

From Lynn Wilson

i support the nursery nurses all the way why dont they just get the money they want they work hard enough for it keep fighting all the way

10 April 04

From Paul
Fire Brigades Union Edinburgh

I give my full support to all the nursery nurses in scotland. I have been in your position not that long ago, and it is hard, disheartning, low morale, leaves you wondering is it woth it? But i can asure you that even although it is hard, and does take a long time for people to realise your jobs worth ect, it will be worth it in the end! Keep your spirits up, keep smiling and give each other support! Hopefully it will be over soon, and you will get what you deserve! >> next FBU message

9 April 04

From Debbie
UNISON West Dumbartonshire

Staying united remaining positive supporting our fellow collegues public support parental support fellow unison members support................. This is what we have got and what we need to win!

From Margaret
UNISON South Ayrshire

Nearly there girls! We have came a long long way and we are nearing the end of this dispute! Come on jack mcconnell intervene, and get this dispute solved, you are the one who can get us back to the jobs we enjoy!!!!!!!

8 April 04

From Lisa

Good day to all my fellow Nursery Nurses. I wanted to send a word of encouragement to stay strong. It's a tough fight but we are united. I have made up a web site which I am hoping I can spread around a bit so as we can voice our opinions and also create an awareness of the situation we are on. Please take a look if you can and send me your comments, Lisa http://pages.ivillage.com/unitedwestand Note: UNISON is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

From Gail
Unison Angus

As a nursery nurse from Angus I appreciate the support from Dundee NN as I know others do too. Has anyone visited this site, it has newly started so come on and join. Lets show support to all of our striking collegues http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nurserynursessolidarityaction Note: UNISON is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

From Yvonne
UNISON glasgow

Just a note to remind all the nursery nurses to stay strong, stay positive, and stay united! Its hard, i know as we have been fighting this pay claim for a long time. But if we are to succeed, we need to stay together to let everyone know just how serious and determined we are! A note for cosla and the mps - we are determined and we are not going to crumble and go back to work with this dispute unresolved. We are out and we will stay out to win this dispute!!

From Gail
UNISON Renfrewshire

I am a striking nursery nurse in renfrewshire, and like many others have been out for the past six weeks. It is hard both in terms of no money and low morale. But i believe that we are near the end of this long and hard dispute, and that we will get a deal which reflects the hardwork, and quality job in which we do. This will then show the public that by staying united and through our continued determination and focus, that we have and deserved to win this dispute. Lets all remember to keep focussed and stay strong! Good luck to every one of us.

7 April 04

From John Hutchison
ucw post office workshops

Keep up the fight for what is right.I am fully behind my wife in this struggle. You are almost at the end of an historic struggle for recogniton. You should all be very proud of yourselves.


From Linda Turner
Unison Fife

I am a striking nursery nurse from Fife. It is great reading all these messages of support it really boosts morale, I was feeling a bit down today, but reading all these messages has given me a boost. Its great to hear how other branches are coping and how much support is out there for us. We will get there if we stick together and show Cosla its national or nothing, and we are strong.

6 April 04

From Annemarie Miller
Unison Glasgow

To all my fellow nursery nurses out there I'm sure there are times when this strike plays heavily on our minds (as well as our pockets)but look how far we have come and public support is still as strong as ever. Look to the future when we have won our just claim and we can hold our heads high knowing just what we have achieved not only for ourselves but for the future of our profession. STAY STRONG!!!

From John Stevenson
Webmanager & Branch Sec UNISON Edinburgh

Despite what the press may say, Edinburgh is not entering local talks for a local settlement. Edinburgh nursery nurses have been solid throughout in support of a national deal and are lobbying the Parliament day in day out. They have been magnificent on pickets, in rallies, stunts and lobbying politicians and will continue to be so. Best wishes to everyone for a speedy national settlement.

From Nigel Behan
UNISON Somerset County

Hi..your action is inspirational and a credit to the best traditions of trade unionism.Keep going.Solidarity works!!
Nigel Behan
Branch Secretary
Somerset County


From Julie
UNISON Renfrewshire

Hi there! Just an email to respond to Amanda Gracie's email giving support. Its nice to know that teachers understand our role, and how vital it is in the care and education of young children. This is what we need to make sure we are doing: letting the public know what we do in our job, and the importance our job has on young children and their families, come on cosla! Surely you can see that we deserve better pay for the great job that we do! Would you take our wages? Keep up the positive, high spirits. I know we are into our sixth week of action, but hopefully we are need the end, and will get the pay and conditions that we deserve soon!!

From Ben Drake
UNISON York City

I fully support your action for fair pay. Nursery nurses across the UK get a rough deal and a good settlement in Scotland would raise the bar for all. You're showing the power we all have when we stand together and refuse to be divided. I've sent in donations collected at our branch AGM last week and I'll ask for a formal contribution from branch funds at our next meeting. Stick at it!


From Wendy Stevenson
Unison Glasgow

I am a striking nursery nurse have no money but I am very proud of myself and my colleagues for coming this far and keeping strong.We had a good night on Sat.at Pollok and this helped to boost our spirits.Keep strong we have done the hardest part now am sure and victory will be ours SOON.

From Amanda Gracie
EIS East Renfrewshire

My mum is a Nursery Nurse (North Ayrshire) and I am fully behind her in her fight for a fair wage. She works extremely hard, like many of you, above and beyond her hours to give each of her children the best start possible. Being a secondary teacher I know how important the job you do is. If children are not given the proper formative education then the rest of it is almost useless. I teach Drama and the importance of what you do for my subject with imaginative play is beyond description. Keep fighting till you get what you deserve. I shall be supporting my mum and you all till the bitter end. >> next EIS message



4 April 04

From Agnes Petkevicius
unison edinburgh

it's great to see so many messages of support we need to stay strong and stay united we have stayed quiet for too long but now that we have found our voices lets use them to our advantage.

From Gillian Wade

Thankyou all so much for your encouraging support and also for the donations to our stike fund . It,s been a very hard decision for me to put the children ,parents and my on child through this but after 30 years of poor wages i had no option.Parents,please start joining us on our marches as we need to show our employees how much you still support us .Vocalize strongly that your children are loosing vital time at NURSERY at a very important stage.Fair pay and conditions is all I would like for my hard work,dedication,constent updating my childcare /nursery qualifications and excellant care I have tried very hard to provide as a Nursery Nurse in the pre-5 service. THANKYOU AGAIN TO YOU ALL.

From Ashley
Unison Angus

Hi everyone. Just want to say thanks for all the encouraging messages. Thursday was a great striking day for Angus Nursery Nurses. Dundee NN's were brilliant taking us under there wing and keeping our spirits up. The suffregets and there songs were great. Thanks to Fife NN's etc too (really enjoyed your songs) especially Diane's very loud singing... Ha Ha... Ps lots of people keep informing me that Angus NN's have settled and gone back to work, NO NO NO WAY We're with the rest of you very valuable Nursery Nurses. Come on COSLA get a move on!! Thanks again everyone.

From Nancy, Lorna and Catherine
east dunbartonshire

we said NO. stick with us girls, this is going national.

3 April 04

From Janice
Unison Angus

I am a striking nursery nurse from Angus. I'd just like to thank all our colleagues for the brillant support received especially girls from Dundee who have help us here in Angus stay strong. We have to stick together, its just about over, we are going to win this fair pay claim girls!!!

2 April 04

From Kathleen
unison fife

Stay strong girls, we can do this!! We`re hopefully nearly there!!!

From Barbara Fearnside
I am in full support of the Nursery Action and am now considering as a parent suing GCC for their lack of eagerness to settle. >> Next Parent's Message


From Evelyn Grant
unison west lothian

You are not alone other members are thinking of you. Dont give up till you get what you think is fare.I support the Nursery Nurses stay united and good luck to you all

From Pam Courtney

I am a Registered Staff Nurse and a Mother who uses the Nursery and my message is keep fighting and be strong as you have massive support from all sectors and from all other women whose pay is abused.Many hospital Nurses support your cause!!!!!! DON'T GIVE IN NOW BECAUSE THEY ARE CRUMBLING UNDER THE PRESSURE AND MASSIVE SUPPORT OF THE PARENTS!!!!!

From Adrian O'Malley
unison wakefield & pontefract hospitals

at our AGM last night we agreed to donate £1000 to your strike fund and more later if the strike continues.good luck you WILL win.


From Andrew Casey
LHMU Australia

I work with the major Australian union representing pre-school educators. I have watched with fascination the heroic struggle you have put up. A win in Perth, Scotland, will help those in Perth,Australia, to win better pay and conditions as child care workers. Keep up the struggle sisters. >>next LMHU message


From Gillian
Unison Edinburgh

I will be in Crail next week and I would like to get in touch with FIFE nursery nurses.

1 April 04

From Anne Milligan
Unison Edinburgh

Greetings to fellow strikers, keep going, keep supporting each other, msp's have certainly got the message that we are not going to go away, let's continue being a thorn in Watters & co's side till they get the message too!During the school break let's make our presence felt wherever msp's & councillors are. Picket their offices, official residences, surgeries,gatecrash council meetings,etc. put your local councillor on the spot, many of them,judging by their reply's to e-mails, letters,etc haven't got the first idea of what the dispute is even about & that's inexcusable.Also for those who haven't already got involved,get into the parliament's nursery nurse forum & argue our case! Best Wishes.

From Julie
UNISON Renfrewshire

Hi there! That us into our fifth week of strike action, and were told today that we are out for at least another two. It is understandable how morale could get low. But come, through our determination, support, and by staying united, we can and will get this pay claim which is acceptable!! Thanks also to the parents in renfrewshire for their continued support. We really appreciate it!

From Jane
found a great website for nursery nurses www.zyworld.com/bluebell Note: UNISON is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.