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Revitalise is the UNISON Scotland contribution
to the debate on public service reform

We are developing the principles and proposals in our Revitalise Manifesto, in the context of the coalition government attack on public services, the Christie Commission on Future Public Service Delivery and other reform initiatives. Our Revitalise bulletins keep you up to speed with the latest developments.



UNISON's manifesto for Scotland's public services

Foreword to 2006 edition

RevitalisingWe are pleased to lay out UNISONScotland's views on the future of public service delivery. Approaching the end of the second term of the Scottish Parliament seems a good time to take stock of progress and to look forward to the next steps towards world class public services.

UNISON members are in a unique position to do this: they are both providers and users of services. In Scotland we can continue to develop our own public service model suited to the needs of a small country and to the ethos of fairness so central to Scottish culture. We know that the public want well-funded convenient services: they are not interested in competition.We believe that Scotland can become a model, demonstrating that fairness and social cohesion can be combined with economic strength.

Here we review past progress and set out the principles we believe can deliver the services Scotland needs and deserves. We look forward to seeing these ideas put into action and welcome comments from all interested parties. Click here for the 2006 Revitalise manifesto as a pdf

Revitalise manifesto

(Original Revitalise Manifesto published May 2006)




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