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UNISONScotland - 10 years on the web




Happy birthday, website!

In November and December 2008 We are celebrating the UNISONScotland website's 10th birthday!

On 19 November 1998, the UNISONScotland website went online for the first time. The UNISON UK website www.unison.org.uk was the first UK national trade union site and UNISONScotland was the first regional website in UNISON. From a start of hits numbered in the thousands, the site now gets almost 10 million hits a year.

This page gives a number of links to significant events and changes to the site over the years. It will be added to over the next few weeks as we dig through the archives. So be sure to check back.

Birthday cake
Thanks to the Communications & Campaigns Committee for the fantastic cake!

Official launch and manifesto first:

The website was officially launched on 4 December 1998 when UNISONScotland became the first union website to launch a campaign and manifesto online. This was the 'Serving Scotland' Manifesto for Public Services directed at the then new Scottish Parliament. In an innovative campaign, we went on to publish 'minifestos' on issues affecting women, equalities, communities, culture etc.
Click here for the manifesto
- and here for the press release launching the site and the campaign.


Serving Scotland Manifesto

Scotland in
UNISON trial run:

Even before the full website was up and running, the Scotland inUNISON activists' newspaper was already online.


SiU logo 1998

Globe nline

current siu masthead


Conference first in 2000:
Although West Midlands may disagree, UNISONScotland was the first region to provide webiste reports and briefings from the union's National Conference. top
Conference 2000

How we looked back then:

We can't track some of the earliest pages yet but these show how styles and designs have change over the years.


Whistleblower briefing

Old web intro

Old logo