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National Delegate Conference Brighton 17-20 June 2014

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Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved will be posted here throughout the week. For other reports see the UK pages. Follow breaking news from Scotland on the UNISON Scotland blog. Local Government reports are here

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Supporting stewards working with stress
20/6/14: Conference backed a South Lanarkshire call for research into the impact on the well-being of stewards given the demands placed on them, with a view to putting in place support mechanisms for stewards and members... Margaret Gallacher and Brenda Aitchison.

Public ownership of energy will transform lives
20/6/14: Conference slammed the rise in fuel poverty which leaves many of our poorest citizens with a choice of whether to heat or eat, at the same time as energy companies have increased their profits by a massive 74%. UNISON will support an energy price freeze and will campaign actively for a re-nationalisation of the energy market - speeches by Gordon McKay and Elaine Duffy.

Lay tutors essential to challenge austerity myths
20/6/14: Mandela said that education is the most important weapon that you can use to change the world, Scotland’s Stephen Smellie said, as conference set out a plan to take forward and encourage debate, discussion and education on the causes of austerity and broader political education.

Defeat UKIP by being bold, Gordon McKay tells Labour
20/6/14: Scotland NEC member Gordon McKay urged Labour to be bold and give members and their families a reason to vote Labour and 'wipe UKIP off the map'.

The kind of Scotland we want to see
19/6/14: UNISON Scotland's position on the forthcoming independence referendum in Scotland was backed overwhelmingly by delegates, after speakers queued up to lend their support. Lilian Macer, Scotland's Convener, told delegates that UNISON in Scotland hasn't signed up to either campaign, "not because we care less than anyone else about what happens, but because we have an idea about the kind of Scotland we want to see.

Bill of Rights for fairness and inclusiveness in Northern Ireland
19/6/14: UNISON will press for a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland as conference applauded the stance of our colleagues in Northern Ireland UNISON in leading a public protest at the failure of government and politicians to agree a way forward on the "unfinished business" of the Good Friday Agreement.

TTIP - Thatcherism's ultimate triumph
19/6/14: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement between the European Union and the USA has "catastrophic implications for public services, not only here in the UK but across Europe," Glasgow's Chris Stephen told delegates, as Conference backed a range of measures to campaign against the treaty's adoption.

Colombia: Embrace Martha's spirit and her fight
19/6/14: Falkirk's Ruth Young urged Conference to embrace Colombian trade unionist Martha Diaz's "spirit and her fight" and called for continued support for Justice for Colombia.

Communication and organisation key to recruitment
18/6/14: Campaigning and organising were high on the agenda once again this year, as Conference agreed to campaign "visibly and vocally" against cuts to jobs and services, to attract new members and to keep the ones we already have - Stephen Smellie.

Disability leave policies needed to end discrimination
18/6/14: Conference backed action to end the use of potentially discriminatory attendance management policies and called on branches to negotiate disability leave using UNISON's model policy... Mags Maguire

Privatisation warning on social care integration
18/6/14: Margo Cranmer from Lanarkshire Health warned Conference today that the commitment UNISON has won in Scotland of no privatisation in the NHS needs to be delivered for the integration agenda as well.

Unite and fight for the pay we deserve
17/6/14: Britain needs a pay rise, and our members need a pay rise, not only for themselves but for the economy as a whole. We must now unite and fight and fight for what we deserve. That was the rousing message from Scottish NEC member Jane Carolan, as Conference backed action, including co-ordinated strike action to win decent wages for our members.

Tory health and safety proposals are ‘ideological nonsense'
17/6/14: A fully funded and properly resourced Health and Safety Executive is the only safe and healthy option for our members and communities, said Glasgow’s Chris Stephens, as Conference pledged to fight the commercialisation and privatisation of the HSE. Seconding a motion from Stockport, Chris told delegates that last year Glasgow had warned about the Westminster Governnment’s attack on the Health and Safety Executive and draconian changes to health and safety law.

Kirby praises ‘humour and spirit’ of referendum debate
17/6/14: A packed fringe meeting today got the chance to discuss the detail of UNISON Scotland’s ‘challenging’ position on the referendum. The meeting, addressed by Mike Kirby, UNISON Scottish Secretary and Lilian Macer, Scottish Convener, was held to put more meat on the bones than the strictures of the Conference hall debate could reasonably allow.


In June 2014, 280 UNISON Scotland delegates and visitors from 70 branches will converge on Brighton for the union's National Delegate Conference

The National Delegate Conference is the union's ruling body. Every year delegates from all over the country take part in debates to choose our campaigning priorities and policies. Every UNISON branch elects reps to attend annual conference and vote on behalf of their local branch members.

National service group executives and conferences
There are also service groups which bring together members across the country doing similar kinds of jobs or working for the same kinds of employers. Many will have their conferences at the start of the National Conference.

As a member, you can stand for election to your service group executive or as a delegate to the group conference.

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Get the Morning Star at Conference

Morning StarThe Morning Star is the only newspaper that reports daily on the debates at conference and reports them favourably. Other daily newspapers are more likely to attack the delegates who demand an end to austerity and decent pay, conditions and pensions for our members.

If you make a speech at conference there is a good chance you'll see your wit and wisdom reported in the paper next day. It is on sale outside conference each day and there is a stall in the exhibitions area.

To make sure you get a copy see Tommy Morrison from West Dunbartonshire branch.





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