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National Delegate Conference Bournemouth 19-22 June 2012

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These reports will be from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates were particularly involved. For other reports see the UK pages. Follow breaking news from Scotland on the UNISON Scotland blog

Organising for a future that works
A review of Conference 2012. more..

Child poverty: An injustice we have to fight
UNISON will lobby and work with a range of organisations to campaign for an end to child poverty by 2020. more..

Neville Lawrence: ‘UNISON has stayed with us’
Interview with Neville Lawrence before his moving speech to Conference this morning. Friday 22 June. more..

Raise our sights in campaigns against ConDem attacks
Delegates backed Stephen Smellie's call to 'raise our sights' in opposing cuts to public services, which vice-president Chris Tansley described as "devastating" and a return to "Victorian values". more..

Organise to end apartheid in Palestine
In Nov 2011, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, created by a large group of citizens involved in the promotion of peace and justice in the Middle East, found that Israel subjects the Palestinian people to an institutionalised regime of domination, amounting to apartheid as defined by international law. more..

Campaign for disability leave
UNISON will examine the failure of some employers to implement disability leave policies and will develop guidance for branches to negotiate such policies and to challenge bad practice with the Equality Act 2010. more..

Welfare Reform Act is built on a sham
UNISON will work with homeless charities and housing federations to campaign against the changes to housing benefit and for the retention of local advice and support services. more..

Organising: Collective action gave confidence to members
Organising must be at the heart of the union's activity, delegates agreed as Glasgow highlighted the recruitment boost from the pensions strike. more..

Enough is enough - Campaign for fair pay
North Ayrshire’s Stephanie Herd, Chair of the Scottish Local Government Committee brought a Scottish dimension to the pay debate, as delegates condemned the government’s proposals for pay restraint following on from the current pay freeze. more..

There is a better way - Start building for 20 October
UNISON will continue to put forward an alternative economic strategy focused on building a successful economy in order to support a better society, as it builds for a major demo on 20 October. more..

March for the future of the NHS
The UK Government’s Health and Social Care Act represents the biggest threat to the integrity and values of the NHS in England in its history and Conference voted overwhelmingly for a range of measures to resist the worst effects of the Act and to intensify UNISON’s campaign against further cuts and privatisation. more..

Obama, give me five!
A standing ovation greeted guest speaker Elizabeth Palmiero Casado and three of the other wives of the imprisoned Miami Five Cubans as they took to the podium at UNISON conference yesterday . more..

Cuts have made bullying worse
Cuts to services have lead to an increase in bullying in the workplace with women particularly affected, and the union will move to tackle this with training, including women only training, to help members recognise the signs of bullying and what to do about it. . more..

Resources to support devolution
Devolution took centre stage at National Conference, as delegates agreed a call from Scotland to review the devolution protocols and recognised the need to support devolved bargaining with additional resources and appropriate procedures. more..

We've tasted victory, let's do it again
.. urges John Stevenson as Conference committed the union to building on the ‘Million Voices’ campaign for public services, further developing the community campaigning agenda. more..

Together we will smash the public sector pay freeze
Dave Prentis, General Secretary, vowed that the unions would smash the public sector pay freeze with UNISON leading the way. more..

Elder abuse: Time to act
Scottish vulnerable persons legislation could be a model for the UK, Conference was told as it voted unanimously to back a strategy to tackle elder abuse. more..

Service Group news
Local Government meets 17-18 June, Water/Environment/Transport 17 June and Energy on 18 June. Health met in April 2012. more..

Lilian Macer UNISON Scotland Convener reviews the year and looks forward to the main issues
"Our focus is our members and the services we deliver and our agenda at this year's NDC in Bournemouth has that at its core. It's the right place to be and I look forward to the debates and focused discussions over the week of National Delegate Conference." more..

Previewing the main debates
Scotland delegates Lilian Macer and Stephen Smellie preview the main debates coming up at National Delegate Conference. more..






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