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 Hope not Hate - Stop the BNP in the European Election on 4 June 2009
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For further information contact: Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser (P&I) d.watson@unison.co.uk


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HOPE not hate was set up to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond

The European Parliament elections take place on Thursday 4 June. Whatever your view of Europe, there is a clear threat that the BNP will be spreading their politics of hate to try to win seats in the Parliament. To do this they are trying to hide their extremism. The trade union movement has a crucial role as the main campaigning body against racists.

UNISON Scotland, together with the STUC its trade union councils, civil service union PCS and other affiliates, is actively supporting Searchlight’s “Hope not Hate” campaign to keep the BNP out.

We are co-ordinating a union day of action – Union Friday – on Friday 15 May.

We are asking all branches to take some action that day to target their members and the public.

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across Scotland... and near you

In your branches and workplaces encourage your members and colleagues to:

Register to vote now
If people aren’t on the electoral register they can’t vote. Check at your local library or council offices. Voter registration forms are available from your local council or online at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk - the completed form has to be returned to your local council. The final deadline for returning forms to register to ensure a vote in the Euro Elections is Tuesday 19 May.

Vote! on Thursday 4 June
A low turn out means the BNP need fewer votes to be successful.

Pass on this message
Forward this information by email and encourage families and friends to vote in the Euro Elections on 4 June – tell them that a vote for the BNP is a vote for the politics of hate, and against freedom, equality and tolerance.

Turn out and campaign
You can help with activities like the lunch time stalls, or leafleting of railway stations being organised in towns and cities on Friday 15 May. Look out for further updates with more details.


Page updated: Monday 11 May 2009