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October 2004 No 50 (Next issue Nov/Dec 2004)  
Crunch time for equal pay
Employers in the public sector are marching towards a crisis unless they move quickly to deal with the inherent inequalities in their pay scales. That's the message from UNISON in local government, health and higher education. more...>
  Welcome to your 50th SiU
To celebrate the 50th Scotland inUNISON since its birth 10 years ago, we have given it a trial new look. What do you think of it? Should we try other designs? Are there stories you would like to see?...... more...>

Recruitment campaign launches with TV ad

UNISON has set a target of four per cent growth in membership for 2004.To reach this in Scotland we have to recruit 10,868 new members before the end of December..more...>

Local Government pay settlement marks time
Despite a clear majority from UNISON members in favour of accepting the Scottish local government employers offer of 2.95% in each of the next two years, things will now be delayed as GMB and T&GWU members move to ballot. more...>
Agenda for Change roadshows outline new changes

A bulletin has gone out to Health members in Scotland updating on Agenda for Change and giving details of roadshows around the country to brief members. more...>

Fife roadsweeper re-writes disability law
A landmark ruling by the House of Lords in the case of UNISON member Susan Archibald has greatly strengthened the employment rights of disabled people. . more...>

STUC launches charter for Scotland's water industry
The STUC has launched a Charter for Scotland's water industry underpinned by the principle that Scottish Water should remain publicly owned and accountable...more...>


Minister promises action on staff abuse
Finance & Public Services Minster Andy Kerr tells SiU about the Scottish Executive's pledge to tackle abuse of public service workers. more...>
'Efficient Government' must not be cost-cutting exercise

The launch of the 'Efficient Government' initiative by Scottish Ministers will be closely monitored by UNISON in Scotland. more...>
No such thing as ethical nurse recruitment policy

In the week that new figures show a three-fold increase in the number of nurses being employed from developing countries UNISON warned that there is not such a thing as an ethical nurse recruitment strategy. . more...>

How does the Scottish Parliament affect us? ... maybe more than you think! Sixteen bills are being considered by the Parliament with a further 31 private member bills also published. Add to this 36 consultations and we've got our work cut out to make sure UNISON's voice is heard. . more...>   Overseas Nurses - UNISON initiative starts to bear fruit: UNISON Scotland's Overseas Nurses Network - open to all overseas health workers despite its title - has grown from strength to strength since it was started by Sofi Taylor, UNISON NEC member, early last year. more...>   

Labour manifesto: Comments from all needed
While 'Scotland 2010'. is part of the Scottish Labour Party's process for drafting its 2007 election manifesto, it is not simply open to Labour Party members or APF fund payers in UNISON. . more...>

UNISON Scotland condemns rise in NHS Assaults

UNISON Scotland has condemned the rise in NHS assaults outlined in the NHSScotland Occupational Health and Safety survey. . more...>
'Dramatic' twist to anti-PFI campaign
: UNISON's long-running campaign against PFI/PPP has taken a dramatic step forward, with sponsorship of a major tour of 7:84 Theatre Company's new show 'Private Agenda. more...>
Magazine and website courses

The Magazine editors training will be going ahead on Friday 1 - Sunday 3 October at Reid Kerr College, Paisley, staying at the Glasgow Airport Hotel. . more...>
UNISONScotland Lesbian and Gay Group 11th Annual Conference Saturday 16 October 2004, Glasgow more...>   Gavin Cleland - trade unionist and safety campaigner
Some will remember him from his days as a NUPE activist and more from his consistent campaign for justice for the families bereaved by the Piper Alpha disaster - where he lost a son - and for increased workplace health and safety. more...>
Won any deals or cases for members? Any 'people' stories we could use? SiU is your paper, we want to hear your stories.. . more...>


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We want to hear your news

Won any deals or cases for members? Any 'people' stories we could use? SiU is your paper, we want to hear your stories.

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