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June 2005 No 55 (Next issue September 2005)  

Conference comes to sunny Glasgow
Over 2,000 UNISON delegates, staff and visitors from all over the UK will descend on Glasgow's SECC in June for UNISON national conference - the union's supreme policy-making body.... more...>

  Third term call for continued investment in public services
UNISON Scotland welcomed the Labour victory in the General Election but called on the new government to recognise the reasons for the cut in their majority. . . . more...>

Anti-Racism campaign shifts up a gear
Following the successful launch of the Asylum Seekers project UNISONScotland's Anti-Racism strategy has led to three other initiatives announced recently. ...more...>

The EU Constitution and a NO vote Scotland's Jane Carolan Chair of the union's Policy Committee, analyses what the EU Constitution means.. more...>

Broad welcome for interim Social Work report

Members of UNISON Scotland's Social Work Issues Group have given a broad welcome to the interim report of the Scottish Executive's 21st Century Review Group. ...more...> 

Scottish Water Branch adapts fast to meet challenges
Pressure to cut operating costs by the Water Industry Commission and changes to legislation mean that UNISON members in the Scottish Water Industry are having to adapt fast to a changing industrial landscape.
. more...>


Opportunity to 'level the playing field' in voluntary sector provision
UNISON has called for Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm to use a Scottish Executive Debate on the Voluntary Sector and the Social Economy to begin to tackle the real issue that affects the Community and Voluntary Sector. . more...>

  Argyll & Clyde closure slammed
UNISON has slammed the Scottish Executive's decision to abolish Argyll and Clyde Health Board as distracting, divisive and demoralising. . . .more...> 

UNISON made a considerable impact at the shortened STUC Congress in Dundee last month. From pensions to poverty pay, from the UK economy to Iraq, UNISON speakers were key to most debates.. . . more...>
Gearing up for the G8 Summit

UNISON is gearing up for the G8 Summit and Make Poverty History events in July, with a major role in the biggest event on 2 July. . more...>
Support them in the UNISON Welfare challenges 2005

UNISON Activists and staff in Scotland are doing their bit to support challenges being organised this year by UNISON Welfare. . . more...>

UNISON needs your knowledge
We have thousands of members with special knowledge on a range of issues affecting public services and we need that to make sure UNISON's voice is heard in the Scottish Parliament. . more...>

  New Central shopfront for UNISON
The New Office for the Central Resource Centre is a shopfront premises in Alloa. . . more> 



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