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Lay edited bi-monthly bulletin for 5,000 activists in Scotland
February/March 2008 No 71

Local Government: Call for YES vote to new Pension Scheme
All UNISON members who are conditioned to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) are to be balloted in the next few weeks on the introduction of a new scheme from April 2009. And UNISON negotiators are recommending a YES vote for what is seen as a significantly improved scheme, negotiated during a period of increasing pressure on all pension schemes.

Privatisation threat to Glasgow's occupational health service
UNISON has condemned plans by NHS Glasgow and Clyde to sell off their staff Occupation Health services to private sector company Capita.

Local Government Pay - members key in campaign
An offer from the Scottish employers to this year's local government pay claim, has been rejected by UNISON and the other local government trade unions.

Sharing services won't deliver savings to meet Government targets
UNISON's Matt Smith has visited the Scottish Parliament to tell MSPs that relying on sharing services to save money in the public sector will not work. .

Unprecedented Argyll & Bute action delivers new offer
A series of all-out strikes, selective action and working to rule has led to Argyll & Bute Council offering a new set of proposals addressing many staff concerns over the Single Status conditions the council originally proposed.

East Lothian moves to ballot
As we were going to press, news was beginning to come through of an industrial action ballot in East Lothian Council over conditions.

Members will decide on Aberdeen Single Status
Aberdeen City UNISON has reinforced the message that its members will decide, by postal ballot, whether Aberdeen City Council's latest proposals to implement Single Status are acceptable or not.

Transport Scotland botched contract means uncertainty for pensions
The failure of Transport Scotland to recognise that they needed to stipulate an equivalent pension be provided to staff transferring to the private sector may lead to a large financial compensation claim or to an expensive variation of the contract .

Conference challenge to protect Asylum children
UNISON Scotland's campaigning work to promote the rights and welfare of asylum seeker children, started in 2006, has culminated in a UK campaign and conference aimed at challenging the UK Government to lift its reservation on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Hopes dashed as Scottish Government opts for PFI-lite
Hopes that the Scottish Government would provide a genuine alternative to the scandal of PFI/PPP were dashed when plans for the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) were unveiled in December.

NHS 60th Anniversary opens with 'Sicko' success
Over 250 people crammed into Glasgow's Film Theatre in mid January to take advantage of UNISONScotland's free offer to watch Michael Moore's latest film 'Sicko'.

President calls for more anti-racist campaigning
The UK president of UNISON has called on Scottish branches to build on the work the union does in combating racism across the UK. .

National Black Members' Conference success for Scotland
Mike Kirby, UNISON Scottish Convenor, successfully led a team of UNISON Scotland officers and black members to play host to the 2008 National Black Members' Conference in January in Glasgow.

Voluntary sector campaign
UNISON Scotland has joined with the STUC, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, TGWU/ Unite and Community Care Providers, Scotland, in a joint campaign to secure a fair playing field for the voluntary sector.

Look out for new training courses
A new package of UNISON Scotland Learning and Organising courses was about to be published as we went to print.



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