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Branches consult on pay imposition

Branches across Scotland will be consulting with members as CoSLA imposes a 0.65% pay increase from April of this year. This forms part of a 3 year pay imposition and the next two years will see a pay freeze unless members are prepared to take action in support of a fairer deal.

Branch delegates will take members' views to a Scotland-wide meeting on 5th October 2010.

Stephanie Herd UNISON has condemned the action as a "kick in the teeth" to hard working local government workers, especially the low paid. This comes at a time when chief officials have received a 2.5% rise and teachers a 2.4% rise and will further increase the pay gap between those at the top and the low paid.

Stephanie Herd, who chairs the Local Government Committee and is part of the unions' negotiating team said, "Imposing a deal is not the way to do pay bargaining.

"UNISON has made the case that there is an alternative to the cuts agenda, an alternative that delivers the quality services that Scotland needs, with decent pay and conditions for staff."

UNISON has lodged a formal dispute against CoSLA, claiming its actions are wholly unacceptable to the trade unions.

"CoSLA had budgetted for a 1% pay increase this year but have chosen to impose a lower figure than the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition are prepared to pay public sector workers south of the border," added lead negotiator,

Douglas Black. "It is contemptible that they say they value public sector workers. They can't possibly when they are reducing wages, taking an offer off the table and imposing something worth less."

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