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Scottish Labour Link: Affiliated Political Fund

Building the link between UNISON and Labour

Neil Findlay & Katy Clark for Leader & Deputy
Neil Findlay for leader campaign site >>>
Katy Clark for deputy campaign site >>>

Neil Findlay Pledge Card November 2014
Neil Findlay pledge card

My pledges to you...

  • Move from a minimum wage to a Living Wage
  • 50,000 new homes for rent to tackle the housing crisis
  • A national strategy to end poverty in Scotland
  • An end to youth unemployment
  • No privatisation of the NHS in Scotland
  • New powers with a purpose to change Scotland



Labour Link News November 2014
Labour Link News Nov 2014 image

Nov 2014: UNISON Scotland Labour Link backs Neil Findlay MSP for Scottish Labour leader and Katy Clark MP for Deputy.


UNISON Labour Link Scotland backs Katy Clark MP for Scottish Labour Deputy Leader

2 November 2014


UNISON, Scotland’s largest trade union, has given its backing to Katy Clark MP in the contest for the next Scottish Labour Deputy leader.

UNISON Scotland Labour Link Chair Gordon McKay said:
“Katy Clark has a great record of campaigning on the issues that matter to UNISON members in Scotland. On public services, employment rights, pensions, inequality and many other concerns.

“Her views have remained consistent with Labour’s traditions and values and that is vital if Scottish Labour is to build its support in Scotland. Katy has shown before and after becoming an MP that she is on the side of working people.”




UNISON Scotland Labour Link backs Neil Findlay for Scottish Labour Leader

1 November 2014


UNISON, Scotland’s largest trade union, has given its backing to Neil Findlay MSP in the contest for the next Scottish Labour leader. 

This followed a hustings event in Glasgow today (1 November 2014) at the UNISON Scotland annual Labour Link Forum.

Members were impressed by the analysis from both Sarah Boyack and Neil Findlay of the challenges facing Scottish Labour and need for a new approach.

UNISON Scotland Labour Link Chair Gordon McKay said:

"Members have been hugely impressed with Neil Findlay since he became an MSP and in particular as Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing.

"Neil understands that politics as usual isn’t good enough and we believe he offers a fresh approach with a real experience and understanding of the concerns of working people.

"At today’s meeting Neil Findlay outlined a radical new policy approach that will be welcomed by our members."




After the Referendum – What should Labour Do?
STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
Saturday 25 October 2014

The Citizen - journal of Campaign for Socialism



This conference is for members of the Labour Party.


10.00 Welcome from Elaine Smith MSP, Depute Presiding Office Scottish Parliament and Convenor of the Campaign for Socialism (CfS) and Neil Findlay MSP, Shadow spokesperson on Health, leading discussion on the consequences of the Referendum decision.

10.45 Break

11.00 Industrial and community policies (based on STULP document) – a short introduction from Jackson Cullinane (Political Officer Unite) and then group work.
The manifesto is available here:

12.00 Local Democracy - policies and powers. Councillor Gordon Munro (Edinburgh) will provide a short introduction and then there will be group sessions led by Councillors Matt Kerr (Glasgow) Angela Moohan (West Lothian) and Kenny Selbie (Fife)*

13.00 Short lunch break

13.30 What powers and what democratic structure do we need to deliver a winning agenda - introduced by Richard Leonard (Political Officer GMB) and Dave Watson (Head of Bargaining and Campaigns, Unison)
14.15 Concluding session with group feedback and agreeing a working committee to take the ideas forward – Pauline Bryan CfS
15.00 Fraternal greetings John McDonnell MP

*Not all of the invited councillors have responded yet

The Citizen, the Journal of the Campaign for Socialism, will be available at the event.

March 2014: Revitalise Scottish Labour Bulletin

Revitalise Scottish Labour - March 2014



Revitalise bulletin March 2014 - download pdf

Collins Review mitigates damage
Red Paper on Scotland
Scottish Labour Conference:
- One-Minute Pitch for Socialism!
- Fringes and motions
Scottish Policy Forum: 2016 Vision and STULP Agenda 'Bringing Scotland together'

January 2014: STULP - Scottish Trade Unions for Labour - Manifesto document

STULP manifesto 2014



Bringing Scotland Together - download pdf


Bringing Scotland together
A workplace and community agenda

Whatever decision Scotland takes on September 18, 2014, two key challenges remain.

Firstly, people of Scotland on both sides of the constitutional debate have sent a clear message that they want to live in a fairer, more inclusive society.

Secondly, whatever our decision, Scotland’s next generation of leaders have an obligation to bring the two sides of the constitutional debate together.

Scotland is divided over the momentous decision about our constitutional future. We are also divided by income, wealth and power. Where we are born, where we live, where we work, the education qualification of our parents and our own life experience has too much influence on our choices and the chances that flow from them.

Scotland’s affiliated trade unions are at the forefront of building solidarity amongst Scots and ensuring ordinary people have a say in their workplaces and communities.

This manifesto suggests a range of common sense policies to close inequality gaps, provide better opportunities to promote inclusion and prevent isolation amongst both young and old, bring public service staff closer to their communities, and to improve the living conditions of middle and low income Scots.

The next Scottish Labour manifesto must:

  • Tackle inequality which permeates everything
    from health, to education, to access to
  • Tackle low pay and insecure employment, over
    half of those living in poverty are in work and too
    many are forced to live in the low-pay, no-pay
  • Give young people a guarantee of opportunities
    which will set them up for life.
  • Build a new approach to care for older people,
    which prevents isolation and recognises the
    contribution they make.
  • Pledge a housing programme that meets the
    needs of everyone living in Scotland.
  • Re-balance the Scottish economy with a
    national industrial strategy.
  • Democratise our public services, building real
    engagement between public service workers
    and communities.

Read more here


UNISON Labour Link: Get in touch and get involved

UNISON members who contribute to the Affiliated Political Fund are members of the Labour Link. If you want to be involved please get in touch with your branch Labour Link Officer, or branch secretary.

Or contact UNISON's Scottish Labour Link direct:

Malcolm Burns
0141 342 2883

We'll put you in touch with your branch Labour Link so you can be involved locally, and add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date with Scottish Labour Link activity.


Labour Link News

The Scottish Labour Link news bulletin is sent to activists. Click here to see the latest issue and our archive of earlier editions.



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