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Autumn 2012
Short Term Cuts, Long Term Damage

Our colleges are under threat as a result of government cuts.

We’re calling for:
• decent funding for colleges
• no compulsory redundancies
• no more privatisation in colleges
• an end to so-called ‘back-office’ cuts

We believe cuts of this magnitude will do lasting damage to further education.

Why we need to save further education

Provide decent funding to colleges
• These cuts are hurting staff, students and communities

End compulsory redundancies
• The Scottish Government must make sure that colleges do not carry out compulsory redundancies

Stop privatisation in colleges
• Services are best delivered by a directly employed workforce. The Scottish Government claims to be against outsourcing and privatisation. It’s time to make sure colleges use in-house services.

End so-called ‘back office’ cuts
• Education is delivered by a whole team. All staff in the college help to ensure that students get the

Join in our postcard campaign to save further education and to fight against these proposed cuts.

Thank you for your support

Emma Phillips, Regional Organiser

FE postcard campaign
Postcards to send to the
Scottish Education Secretary.
Join in our postcard campaign to save further education and to fight against these proposed cuts.


December 2011
Our Future, Our Fight - Sign the NUS petition

The UNISON Scottish FE committee strongly supports the National Union of Students (NUS) Campaign concerning the funding of colleges. Please sign their petition and get your members to sign this petition.


Colleges have been severely hit by the funding cuts, losing 30% in 3 years. This has already led to substantial job losses and a poorer service to students and things are going to get worse. In this time of high unemployment, particularly in young people, the colleges play a vital role in getting people prepared and trained for the job market.

We already know that:
- there have been over 1000 job losses
- many courses have been cut
- there are less students in colleges
- the support students gets is decreasing so staying in college is becoming increasingly more difficult
- many of our members in colleges are not even paid the living wage

Colleges play a vital role in our communities, so please sign the petition. When you sign, your MSPs will be automatically emailed. Make sure they know that the slashing of college budgets is unacceptable.

Thank you for your support

Emma Phillips, Regional Organiser

Our Future Our Fight
Dec 2011: UNISON supports the
NUS Scotland campaign to protect
our colleges. Click here to go to
the Our Future Our Fight site - and
sign the petition

April 2011: FE Report to Scottish Council
Read the FE Committee's latest report to
UNISON Scottish Council


30 March 2011
‘No funding, no future’ says UNISON Scotland as colleges protest against cuts

No funding – no future’ that’s the message from UNISON Scotland today as college staff across the country take to the streets to protest against the cuts.

Colleges throughout Scotland took part in a day of action today (Wednesday, March 30) to raise public awareness of the extent of Government’s cuts to further education.

Scotland’s colleges face a 10.4% cut in their funding from the Scottish Funding Council, which will have a devastating impact on staff, students and entire communities.

College bosses have already indicated that this will lead to a loss of courses, a loss of staff and, in turn, a loss of educational opportunities for students.

Karen Dawson, chair of UNISON’s further education committee, said: “These cuts will have a devastating impact on both colleges and communities and the worst of it is that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

“These cuts will not only destroy our colleges, it will steal the future of an entire generation of students.”

Emma Phillips, regional organiser with UNISON, said: “The Government must rethink its savage cuts or thousands of Scotland’s students will be left facing a bleak future. “It is vital that Scotland has an educated and skilled workforce and to achieve this we need to invest in education, not cut it.”

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