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Winter Fuel


UNISON help to apply for Winter Fuel Grant

Click here for more details and application form

This winter, many UNISON members will be worried about paying their gas and electricity bills as prices go up and wages stay the same.

And they’re not alone. Fuel poverty in the UK is increasing and today one in four households in the UK suffers from it.

Worse yet, death rates in the winter in the UK are much higher than in other cold countries, with experts suggesting that as many as 7,800 extra deaths a year are because of lack of fuel.

UNISON’s charity There for You (formerly UNISON Welfare) can help. The charity offers financial help, debt advice, wellbeing breaks, support and information and this winter will be running its winter fuel grants programme: a bit of money to help those on low incomes get by and pay those ever increasing bills.
We also know that we need to tackle the issue of high fuel costs head on. That’s why we’ve joined forces with the Energy Bill Revolution to campaign to end fuel poverty.

The campaign aims to use the billions of pounds the government’s carbon emissions tax raises to end fuel poverty, create jobs and help the economy grow.
To find out more about how to apply for a winter fuel grant visit unison.org.uk.

Contact There For You, UNISON centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY or thereforyou@unison.co.uk.
The application form is online here and the closing date will be 29 February.

You can also sign the Energy Bill Revolution petition at energybillrevolution.org.uk.
This will help put real pressure on the government to sort out fuel poverty, and not a moment too soon.



There for you
UNISON Welfare is our own unique registered charity

We are aware of the pressures UNISON members face on a daily basis and can provide support at times of unforeseen financial hardship or personal difficulty such as redundancy, bereavement, illness or relationship breakdown.

UNISON Welfare can offer
  • Support
  • Confidential advice
  • Financial Assistance

UNISON Welfare is exclusively for UNISON members and their dependants at times of special need.

Contact your branch welfare officer or branch secretary. You can also be put in touch with the Scottish Welfare Committee by phoning 0845 355 0845 (or contact the Secretary at the number or email address below).

You are always best to approach your branch first. Some branches have local Welfare Funds set up as charitable organisations as well as giving access to the national fund. Welfare Officers and the Welfare Committee have experience in advocacy for members and putting them in touch with other agencies which may also be able to help.