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Provided by Mae Stewart, Editor UNISON Retired members Newsletter, Dundee, Perth and Angus.
Please note that this is not definitive information about benefits but will provide a signpost as to where to get up to date information. Please check the sources first. UNISON Scotland can take no responsibility for information that may be outdated or inaccurate.

Issue 45 February/March 2013

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Members Information

This month I thought I’d list the General Publications that are provided by Age Scotland.

All these fact sheets can be downloaded from their website which can be accessed by typing ‘Age Scotland’ in google search.

At the end of this information I have printed the help line as usual and also a contact address where you can write for hard copy of any points of interest from the list below.

My apologies to Age Scotland for any mis-quotes
Mae Stewart

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AGE Scotland  - General publications

Publications list (Download the full publications list) - Fact sheets
Factsheet 1s - Help with heating
Factsheet 2s - Buying retirement housing
Factsheet 7s - Making your will
Factsheet 8s - Looking for rented housing
Factsheet 9s - Noise and neighbour nuisance – what you can do
Factsheet 10s - Council charging procedures for care homes
Factsheet 13s - Older homeowners: funding repairs, improvements and adaptations
Factsheet 14s - Dealing with someone's estate
Factsheet 21s - Council Tax
Factsheet 22s - Help with managing financial affairs
Factsheet 24s - Self-directed support (Direct Payments) from social work
Factsheet 27s - Arranging a funeral
Factsheet 35s - Rights for council and housing association tenants
Factsheet 36s - Private tenants’ rights
Factsheet 46s - Paying for care and support at home
Factsheet 37s - NHS continuing healthcare and hospital discharge arrangements
Factsheet 38s - Treatment of the former home as capital for people in care homes
Factsheet 39s - Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner
Factsheet 40s -Transfer of assets and paying for care in a care home
Factsheet 41s - Local authority assessment for community care services
Factsheet 42s - Equipment for daily living
Factsheet 43s - Obtaining and paying for legal advice
Factsheet 44s - NHS services for older people
Factsheet 60s - Welfare reform and older people in Scotland

Order hard copy publications
If you require hard copy versions of any of our publications please email publications@agescotland.org.uk. Age Scotland publications are free to older people and appropriate older people's services subject to availability.

Age Scotland Helpline:   0845 125 9732
Write to them: Causewayside House, 160 Causewayside’ Edinburgh,  EH9 1PR