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Provided by Mae Stewart, Editor UNISON Retired members Newsletter, Dundee, Perth and Angus.
Please note that this is not definitive information about benefits but will provide a signpost as to where to get up to date information. Please check the sources first. UNISON Scotland can take no responsibility for information that may be outdated or inaccurate. The member's information excerpts this month were taken from the Pensioners Forum Newsletter, and the local Dundee magazine called Retired & Living in Dundee. My apology for any misquotes.

Issue 17 February 2008

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Digital Switchover

‘The information contained in this report is an excerpt from a 16 page document which can be downloaded from Help the Aged website at www.helptheaged.org.uk

The Government is changing the way the UK receives television signals. Most people currently receive analogue signals to view television; these will be phased out and replaced by digital signals. The switchover started late in 2007 and will finish in 2012.

‘Digital Switchover' was published in January 2008.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this information sheet is correct. However, things do change, so it is always a good idea to seek advice on your personal situation.

If you would like further information on the digital switchover, you can call Digital UK on 0845 650 5050.

What is Digital TV? - Digital TV is a way of transmitting.

To carry on watching television, you will need to choose a service provider. You may also need to buy new equipment to enable your television to receive digital signals. This information sheet explains what the digital switchover is, when it will happen in your area, what you will need to do, and what financial and practical help is available.

‘As I mentioned previously this is a 16 page document and is therefore too large to print in the newsletter. But most of the questions you would need answered are covered within the report. Ex: What will happen if I have communal aerial? What will happen if I do not switch to digital? What if I need information in large print, audio or Braille? Will my radio be affected? Will I be able to carry on using my television? Will I need a new TV licence? What about: Buying new equipment. Financial and practical help. Useful contacts. ‘

The planned timetable for the switchover is:

Year of switchover

TV region

October 2007

Whitehaven and Copeland

2008 and 2009


Starting in 2009

West Country, Granada

2009 and 2010


2010 and 2011

West, STV North, STV Central

Starting in 2011

Anglia, Central and Yorkshire

Starting in 2012

London, Meridian, Tyne Tees and Ulster

For further information contact:

Information Resources Team Help the Aged 207-221 Pentonville Road London N1 9UZ Tel: 020 7278 1114. If you have access to the internet you can download our information

sheets and advice leaflets by logging on to www.helptheaged.org.uk





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