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Israeli soldiers attack Jenin Freedom Theatre

Jenin Freedom TheatreSpecial Forces of the Israeli Army attacked the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp early yesterday morning, according to British production manager Jacob Gough and the theatre’s Swedish co-founder Jonatan Stanczak.

British actor Tam Dean Burn has managed to speak to Jacob Gough and he is urging people to spread the word and bring any pressure to bear that might help. “They really are up against it but determined”, he said. Plans are under way to set up Scottish Friends Of Freedom Theatre.

The thetare’s location manager, Adnan Naghnaghiye was arrested and taken away to an unknown location together with Bilal Saadi, a member of the board after the attack at 03.30 on Wednesday.

When Jacob Gough and Jonatan Stanczak arrived at the scene they were forced to squat next to a family with four small children surrounded by about 50 heavily armed Israeli soldiers.

Jonatan says: "Whenever we tried to tell them that they are attacking a cultural venue and arresting members of the theatre we were told to shut up and they threatened to kick us, I tried to contact the civil administration of the army to clarify the matter but the person in charge hung up on me."

Ahmad Nasser Matahen, a night guard and technician student at the theatre woke up by heavy blocks of stone being hurled at the entrance of the theatre. As he opened the door he found masked and heavily armed Israeli Special Forces around the theatre.

"They told me to open the door to the theatre. They told me to raise my hands and forced me to take my pants down. I thought my time had come, that they would kill me. My brother that was with me was handcuffed."

On 4th April 2011 Juliano Mer Khamis, the theatre's co-founder was murdered by 'an unknown enemy of freedom and culture'.

Since it opened its doors in 2006, the theatre aims to engage the young generation in the area to develop new and important skills which will allow them to build a better future for themselves and for their society.



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