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Press release From PGFTU concerning the tragic incidents in Gaza and destroying PGFTU Offices and Labor Voice Station

The Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions condemns the eruption of new range violence in Gaza which caused a big loss of dead and injured persons, meanwhile the attack on the PGFTU Office and destroying of labor's voice station.

For these reasons PGFTU has organized on Sunday 4/2/2007 a labor demonstration in Ramalah to express the workers and union movement rejection to the incidents and the attempts to silence the voice of workers.

It is decided that workers will raise slogans condemning the killing incidents and the destroying the PGFTU offices in Gaza , the need to face the impacts of poverty and unemployment instead of killing.

In this prospect, Shaher Sae'd the General Secretary of the PGFTU declared that this demonstration comes to protest the tragic incidents occurring in Gaza which may lead to civil war, to destroy the Palestinian National project and make it very difficult to achieve prosperous future for the Palestinian people and workers.

Shaher also asked the national institution to denounce these incidents, to express their solidarity to the workers issues and the need for a national unity government.

Bernard Regan PSC Trade Union Officer bernard.regan@palestinecampaign.org

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