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17th January - 23rd January 2005

Israeli Occupying Forces continue to impose oppressive measures which severely restrict and violate the economic, social, cultural, and human rights of 4 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


17th January - 23rd January 2005

Again dozens of homes were shelled in Gaza causing considerable damage.

Israeli soldiers closed the coastal road, south of Gaza with military bulldozers erecting sand barriers in the road and bulldozing other sections to completely block it. The coastal road links Gaza district with Al-Wista district in the Gaza Strip.

On Friday morning, the soldiers stationed along the coastal road fired at dozens of homes and two Palestinian residents were shot near the Naveh Dkalim settlement.

Numerous residents and international journalists were wounded during the week due to Israeli gunfire.

The Israeli army continues to destroy Palestinian farmlands.


Wednesday 19th January 2005

Several fields were bulldozed after Israeli soldiers invaded the Sultan Abdul-Hameed area.

Israeli soldiers fired at a car carrying a group of local and international journalists near the Beit Hanoun crossing, seriously wounding the driver, Ayman Khaleel Masoud, 35.

Thursday 20th January 2005

Israeli soldiers broke into dozens of homes and conducted military searches and occupied rooftops. Three residents were arrested.


Tuesday 18th January 2005

Israeli soldiers fired at dozens of homes and shot and seriously wounded a child, Abdullah Jalah Hassan, 15.

Wednesday 19th January 2005

25 residents were injured after Israeli soldiers fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at residents after they tried to protest the sudden closure of Abu Holi checkpoint. Five of the residents were injured by live ammunition and two suffocated after inhaling the gas fired at them by the army.


Monday 17thJanuary 2005

Twenty armoured vehicles invaded the Abasan Al-Kubra area east of Khan Younis and arrested Moneer Abu Dogga, 40 after conducting searches of into dozens of homes.

Soldiers also fired at dozens of homes in the Al-Amal and Austrian neighbourhoods and the Al-Sad Al-Aalil area causing damage.

Wednesday 19thJanuary 2005

Israeli bulldozers uprooted several family farmlands.


17th January - 23rd January 2005

Israeli soldiers stepped up military procedures on military checkpoints erected east of Tubas and the Jordan valley area in the West Bank .

Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers handed dozens of families in the eastern plains areas of the West Bank, notices of evictions of their homes and family farmlands requiring them to leave by the end of May 2005. The residents of the villages of Ein Al-Baidha and Bardala in the eastern plains said that the settlers in the area threatened to attack them and their fields if they don't evacuate.

Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus were again subjected to repeated raids with soldiers arresting numerous residents.

At least 83 Palestinian residents were arrested in this week alone and a four-year-old child was shot after Israeli soldiers fired at houses.


Monday 17th January 2005

More than ten military vehicles and jeeps invaded the Tulkarem refugee camp and conducted military searches after closing the northern entrance. Dozens of families were forced out of their homes and Khaled Adnan Azim, 18 was arrested.

Soldiers also invaded the Thannaba and Irtah areas near Tulkarem and arrested three residents, including a child after breaking into their homes. They were Ahmad Mahmoud Barrouq, 26, Adi Saleem Khouli, 15 and Abdullah Mamoun Samara, 22.

Tuesday 18th January 2005

Dozens of residents and cars were detained at Al-Kafreyyat checkpoint. They arrested Ala' Abbas Nasr-Allah, 18.


Tuesday 18th January 2005

Israeli soldiers arrested three Palestinians in Jenin refugee camp.


Monday 17thJanuary 2005

Two residents were arrested in Beit Jala near Bethlehem after soldiers invaded the city and searched dozens of homes. They were Salama Jawareesh, 30 and Tareb Soboh Jawareesh, 38.

Thursday 20th January 2005

Dozens of military jeeps invaded Aida refugee camp and broke into dozens of homes, forcing out the residents. They arrested Eyad Salamah Al-Dibs, 19.

Sunday 23rd January 2005

Four residents - Ibrahim Abu Freiha, Jamil Hussein Obeyyat and his two sons Mahmoud and Ahmad were arrested in the Thahra area east of Bethlehem after Israeli soldiers broke into dozens of homes, conducted military searches and interrogated several residents.


Tuesday 18th January 2005

Israeli soldiers arrested a resident on Beit Eba checkpoint near Nablus.

Soldiers also broke into several apartments and occupied the rooftop of a nine-storey building and used it as a monitoring tower.

North of Nablus, soldiers arrested Ashraf Abdul-Ghani Jaber, 26 and in the east they invaded the village of Iktaba and conducted military searches causing considerable damage.

Wednesday 19th January 2005

Israeli soldiers arrested 15 residents after they invaded Nablus. Soldiers also levelled a four-storey home and imposed a curfew over two neighbourhoods. Another Palestinian home was completely damaged and burnt by tank shell fire.

Thursday 20th January 2005

Israeli soldiers invaded Nablus and fired rounds of heavy ammunition at homes and arrested 22 residents. They also levelled a residential building and broke into the school of Iben Al-Haitham, using it as an interrogation centre.


Tuesday 18th January 2005

Israeli soldiers arrested one resident Mazin Al-Reemawi, 26 in Beit Reema near Ramallah.

Three villages were invaded near Ramallah and soldiers arrested Abdul-Hafeth Al-Saadi, 43, Mohammad Al-Barghouthi, 27 and also the Iman of a village mosque Saleh Radhi, 33. They also arrested Mohammad Majed Shalash, 23, a student of Bir Zeit University.

Wednesday 19th January 2005

A resident was arrested after soldiers invaded a village west of Ramallah.


Monday 17thJanuary 2005

Israeli soldiers invaded the villages of Beit Awwa, Dir Samit, Al-Moriq, Al-Seema and Al-Koom and arrested four residents after conducting military searches of homes. The main road leading to the village was closed and residents were barred from entering or leaving the villages. Those arrested were Malik Sobhi Masalmeh, Mohammad Awad Masalmeh, Fareed Mousa Al-Sweity and Eid Mohammad Al-Sweity.

Friday 21st January 2005

Five residents were arrested in the city of Hebron and the neighbouring village of Bani Neim

Saturday 22nd January 2005

An Israeli settler hit a 4-year-old Basel Ateyya Rajabi with his car in the Zahda area. The child is in a stable condition at Alia Hospital.

In the evening, Israeli soldiers invaded the villages of Al-Samoa' and Bani Neim and arrested Bab's Mohammada Al-Hjoum, 25, Mousa Hussein Harabsha, 25, Mustafa Abu Lathoa', 24, and Ismail Al-Tarayra. The parents of Mahmoud Ata Al-Sawalha, 25 were handed a military order demanding that their son surrender because he was not there.

Sunday 23rd January 2005

Israeli soldiers arrested at least 10 residents in the village of Al-Samoa' after dozens of armoured vehicles invaded the village.


Friday 21st January 2005

The Israeli army invaded the village of Jayyous east of Qalqilyya and arrested one resident, Ammar Hatem Khaled. Also Israeli soldiers severely clubbed Fayez and Mithqal Shamasnah, causing severe wounds.


Monday 17th January 2005

Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Al-Aqrabaniyya south of Tubas and imposed a curfew. Dozens of homes were fired at and soldiers detained numerous residents and vehicles on the main road between Tubas and the villages near Nablus.

Friday 21st January 2005

Israeli soldiers barred hundreds of residents at Al-Hamra checkpoint from crossing and detained dozens of youths and interrogated them.


Saturday 22nd January 2005

Israeli soldiers invaded several villages surrounding Salfit as well as the city itself and broke into dozens of homes.


Saturday 22nd January 2005

Israeli soldiers invaded the city from several directions, conducted military searches and arrested Fadi Mohammad Sha'ban, 22.



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