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Call for the government to cancel Indonesia's debt
Events around Scotland

Lift the Lid on Bad LonesUNISON is affiliated to Jubilee Scotland who campaign for the cancellation of debt owed by the developing world to the developed world. Many of the world's poorest people are still paying rich countries back for the bad loans we made to war-criminals and dictators.

Their latest campaign is aimed at persuading the UK government to cancel the £500 million arms debt it is owed by Indonesians for loans made to the collapsed Suharto dictatorship.

Branches and members are invited to come and meet Kusfiardi, the head of Indonesia's anti-debt coalition, and join the campaign against the illegitimate debt. From the 23rd of May, accompanied by members of Jubilee Scotland, and armed with a copy of John Pilger's searing 'New Rulers of the World' documentary, Kusfiardi will be bearing witness in five Scottish venues to the horror of odious debt, and encouraging us to think of ways we can put pressure on our government to stand up against this injustice.


  • Inverurie Monday 26th May West Church, West High Street, 7.30pm until 9pm

  • Kilmarnock Tuesday 27th May St Kentigerns, Dunbar Drive, 7pm until 8.30pm

  • Edinburgh Wednesday 28th May St Augustines, George IV Bridge, 7pm until 8.30pm With an address by the Reverend David Lunan, Moderator of
    the Church of Scotland

  • Dumbarton Thursday 29th May St Augustines, St Mary's Way, 7.30pm until 9pm

  • Kirkcaldy Friday 30th May Town House, 7pm until 8.30pm

  • Look on the Jubilee Scotland website www.jubileescotland.org.uk for more details and maps.




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