October/ November 1998 No.14

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* Positive about public services

* Two thousand rally to save Dundee's services

* East Lothian survey confirms crisis in councils

* Childrens Panel staff vote for strike action

* Single Status deal to go to ballot

* Borders staff fight to keep quality homes for elderly

* WOMENS CONFERENCE Scotland and Ireland are at the dawn of a new era

* UNISON saves marathon

* A New Deal for disabled people?

* Voluntary Sector tribunal victory

* Cuban visitors

* Return 2 Learn x 5

* Another happy UNISON merger

* Round the Branch Mags - What happened to the cathedral?

* 7:84 - twenty five years on

* We're going online

* Maternity pay victory for bank nurse

* 7,500 Welfare raffle chances

* Welcome for 6th National Lesbian and Gay Conference

* How to get your news in SiU

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