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April/May 1998 No. 11

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* Campaign launched FOR public services

* Fife's healthcare threatened

* Anne takes over at the STUC (picture)

* Employers set to dump UK bargaining

* NEC elections Use your vote

* New Deal Briefing

* 16 May: Petition and human chain in Birmingham

* 350 jobs reprieved by school meals campaign

* Courses for May and June

*Campaigning against stress - Workers Memorial Day

* A fair SHARE for Glasgow

* Fully booked school librarians

* Health Visitors call for wider participation

* Five claims for legal equality for lesbians and gay men

* Scottish Council round-up

* Round the Branch Magazines

*Seminar The Scottish Parliament and Public Services

Obituary - Andy Sweeney

* How to get your news in SiU

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