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Sept/Oct 2005 No 56 (Next issue Oct/Nov 2005)  

Police and Careers staff actions pay off
The first strike action in the history of Scotland's police staff negotiations has squeezed a new offer out of Scottish employers. And in a separate dispute, the threat of action by UNISON members in Careers Scotland was called off after it brought agreement on a commitment from Scottish Enterprise to a new pay system (see below)..... more...>

  Job Evaluation problems hit the headlines
Recent headlines about the troubles in Moray and Aberdeen City, after councils issued letters telling some staff that - as a result of job evaluation - they could lose thousands in pay, has thrown the whole exercise into sharp focus. . . . . more...>

Strike threat by Careers staff delivers commitment to reform Performance Pay
UNISON members in Careers Scotland have agreed to accept a commitment from Scottish Enterprise to a new pay system and called off their planned strike action. . ...more...>

Unions will deliver equal pay - not lawyers UNISON, has condemned attempts by 'no win, no fee' law firms to cash in on the work done by trade unions and the EOC to pursue equal pay in Scotland's public sector... more...>

SINGLE STATUS UPDATE Scottish Executive must fund equal pay

Local Government delegates from across Scotland called on the Scottish Executive to fund councils to meet their equal pay responsibilities at a special UNISON meeting in Edinburgh. ...more...> 

Fiona wins UK TUC Youth Award
Congratulations go to Fiona Smith, Chair of the Scottish Young Members Committee, and of the National Young Members Forum, for her success in winning the TUC award for youth at the TUC Young Members Conference this year... more...>


MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Edinburgh July 2 2005 Biggest demonstration Scotland has ever seen
Organisers and police said there were 225,000 there. Old demonstration hands put it at nearer 300,000. There were certainly lots of us with the trade union contingent marching off five hours after the first of the continuous line set off to circle the city centre.. . more...>

  UNISON begins to exert its influence
In the run up to the 2007 Scottish Parliament election, UNISON will be actively seeking to advocate our policies to political parties to try to ensure the strongest possible showing of UNISON policies in party manifestos.. .more...> 

Scottish Emergency Workers legislation delivers
Since the Scottish Emergency Workers Act became law in May this year 26 assault charges have been brought to court. .. . . more...>
Our Jim stands for Parliament

As anyone who has spotted a newspaper in the recent past will know, UNISON's Scottish Organiser, Jim Devine has been selected to fight the Livingston seat for Labour.. . more...> 
Newsheet or website course - YOU decide!

Two communications courses will be run by UNISONScotland in the autumn. One of them will be decided by YOU!!. . . more...>

Moray UNISON tackles toxic fumes
Moray UNISON came to the rescue of staff at Springfield House council building in June, when demolition contractors working at a neighbouring building site began burning large sections of woodsheds.. . more...>

Action reduced after procedures appeal

When management failed to follow procedures when disciplining a member, UNISON Clackmannanshire activist John Fairley stepped in. . . more> 


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