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November 2004 No 51 (Next issue Dec 2004)  

UNISON recommends a 'Yes' vote but reservations still need to be addressed.

"Delegates have asked that we continue our negotiations with the Scottish Executive to ensure that no health service worker in Scotland loses out", Jim Devine. more...>

  One in 10.5 million..
An estimated 10.5 million watched the Coronation Street screening of UNISON's recruitment ad on 6 October with a further 1.5 million tuning into Channel 4 News
and a member who is glad he joined!
Tom Seggie has his job back and £25,000 because he was a UNISON member

Get ready to Show Racism the Red Card
The STUC is calling on all trade unions, civic and community groups, political parties, public authorities and the media in Scotland to join the Annual St Andrew's Day March and Rally Against Racism and Fascism, in Glasgow on Saturday 27 November. ..more...>
New briefing on local government pay
Scotland's Local Government Service Group has issued a briefing on the long saga of this year's pay claim. "At this point there is no way of knowing when a settlement will be achieved", says the briefing but when it is, pay will be backdated. more...>
Water safety threat obvious over eighteen months ago

UNISON Scotland has backed up the safety warnings made by the Drinking Water Regulator last week. Indeed the union said the threat to safety had been flagged up over 18 months ago,...more...> 

UNISON logo to tour Spain
South Ayrshire UNISON's sponsorship of local Valspar Boys Club has brought an international bonus.

Plus Photo
. more...>


New Parliament New campaign
UNISON Scotland was quickly into the new Scottish parliament building with the first trade union evidence session during the first full week of operation. . more...>

  Capital audit confirms resources are the key to child protection
UNISON's long campaign in Edinburgh to expose the lack of resources affecting child protection and child care work has been confirmed by an expert external audit of child protection. .more...> 

What's the Executive spending on your service?
UNISON's Policy and information Team has issued a briefing to branches on Scottish Executive spending plans for the next three years. Spending will rise from £25 billion this year to £30 billion in 2007-8. . more...>
What you think of the new SiU

You responded magnificently in your handfulls to the request for feedback on the new look 50th Scotland inUNISON last month. more...>
£100k for sheltered housing wardens

Highland Branch reports it has won £100,000 in compensation for over 20 Sheltered Housing Wardens. . more...>

Your knowledge and expertise needed
We want to hear from any member with special knowledge on any of the Scottish Executive consultations coming up so that it can be put to good use. . more...>

  Annual Conference and Exhibition 2004 Fuel Poverty - the Rise and Fall?
Wed 3 - Fri 5 November Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee. more details...> 

Ina Love - stalwart NUPE and UNISON activist
Stalwart NUPE and UNISON activist Ina Love died on 5 October. She was 76 and had been ill for some time. Here we print part of a tribute by BOB THOMSON.. . more...>

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