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Lay edited bi-monthly bulletin for 5,000 activists in Scotland
May 2010 No 84

Thousands of public service workers and service users took to the streets of Glasgow on April 10 in the highest profile action against public service cuts yet delivered by UNISON.

Election: Vote crucial for public services
UNISON’s 10 April March and Rally is just one of a variety of activities being delivered by the union at UK and Scottish level in the run-up to the General Election. NEVER has your vote been more important for public services. With an election dominated by political beauty contests on TV and simplistic calls for ‘change’, the real issues are our services, the people who rely on them and the people who deliver them. We can afford these services and they are crucial to rebuilding the economy. We musn’t repeat the mistakes of the 80s and 90s that brought our services to their knees. Apathy could be the winner in this election. Don’t let that happen. Whatever you do, vote on 6 May.

STUC2010Stories from the STUC in Dundee from 19-21 April are by John Stevenson, Kate Ramsden, Stephen Lowe and Chris Bartter. SiU can only run a selection of stories here. For much more go to www.unison-scotland.org.uk/stuc2010

Investment in services the only way forward
The STUC public service debates saw the launch of a Charter for Public Services and a radical strategy for tackling poverty and inequality. UNISON was at the forefront with Scottish Secretary Matt Smith and National Policy Chair Jane Carolan leading the way.

Alliance to challenge council cuts and sell-offs
The STUC will support an alliance of unions and the community to seek widespread public support to challenge cuts and privatisation in local authorities.

Protect vulnerable people but also low paid staff and services
The STUC welcomed the additional protection for children and vulnerable adults in the new Protecting Vulnerable People Bill but warned that the costs of registration must not fall on employees, especially the low paid, and on the unwaged.

Pensions – private sector cutbacks threaten burden on the state
The action of private sector bosses in cutting staff’s pensions is likely to threaten the UK’s economy, UNISON Scottish Convener Mike Kirby told the STUC.

Sharks are circling again for Scottish Water
UNISON’s Dave Watson warned that ‘the sharks are circling again’ as the CBI and right wing think tanks campaign for Water privatisation.

Workers should be able to work without fear of violence
All public facing workers should be able to work without fear of violence, says the STUC. It agreed overwhelmingly to campaign for the Workers (Aggravated Offences) (Scotland) Bill to give greater legal protection to all front line workers.

STUC invests in young activists
The STUC voted to support investment and training in young activists. Not only are young people critical to the future of the trade union movement - but the trade union movement is critical for young people.

Invest in training and jobs and restore union rights
The 113th Scottish Trade Union Congress kicked off calling on Governments to work with the STUC and employers’ groups to limit the effect of the recession and to create a fairer and more sustainable economy and society.

Councils must deliver on support needs for children
The STUC urged all councils to make sure children with additional support needs continue to get the services they are entitled to.

Fund Nutrition Champions in NHS
Unions will urge the Scottish Government to fund an extension of the two-year Nutrition Champion posts in the NHS which will run out of funding this month.

Re-visit bus deregulation
Fractured and inconsistent bus services with not enough new build means bus services cannot be left exclusively to the private market, said the STUC.

Tackling crisis in NHS funding
The STUC backed a call for urgent talks with the Scottish Government to address pressures on NHS funding and called for a fight to protect NHS jobs and services.

Education not just teachers, says UNISON
Education - it’s not just teachers UNISON told the STUC as it approved a statement on class size, teacher numbers and budgets for teacher education.

Young and old agree - vote at 16 is way forward
The STUC backed a campaign to lower the voting age to 16 with support from UNISON members both young and old.

Learning award for SPT
The joint UNISON/Unite union learning team from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport won this year’s STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning.

STUC International
Mike Kirby backs STUC support for Palestine and Sam McCartney describes repression in Swaziland.

STUC in Brief
Asylum, musical instrument teaching in schools and support to recognise stammering as a disability also saw UNISON speakers contribute.

FEATURE: The front line of public services; caring and compassion no matter what
Helen Hardie is a Home Carer based in Keith. On the front line of public services, she is one of many who deliver essential services to the community.

Walk the Glen Centenary Sponsored Walk and Family Fun Day
Fundraiser for UNISON Welfare on Sunday 30 May at Pittencrieff Park Dunfermline


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Published by UNISON Scottish Council, 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX. Editor John Stevenson
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