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Lay edited bi-monthly bulletin for 5,000 activists in Scotland
May 2009 No 78


Euro candidates must restore workers’ rights: UNISON Scotland launches manifesto for Euro elections on 4 June
UNISON Scotland has called on Euro election candidates to back campaigns to overturn negative European legal rulings and restore the human rights of working people, following backing from the Scottish TUC in Perth last week.

Standing up to the politics of hate
The BNP has set its sight on winning at least one seat in the European parliament. UNISON is campaigning to make sure that does not happen..

STUC: Budget reveals damage to economy done by greed
Dave Prentis and Matt Smith respond to the Budget: Matt slams tax dodges by the rich that starve public services.

STUC: Campaign for quality social care services: People protected every day due to social work
The Scottish TUC was told that a combination of increasing demand and cuts in social care funding threaten further tragedies as it backed a campaign to demand quality services in Scotland.

STUC: Glasgow outsourcing tax scam removes democratic control and attacks fair pay
UNISON has condemned Glasgow council’s increasing reliance on outsourced trusts and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) to deliver public services.

STUC: Scottish Government must stop wrecking bargaining in non-departmental bodies
The STUC backed UNISON's call for a review of Scottish Government pay policy to allow real collective bargaining in Non- Departmental Public Bodies.

STUC: Level pensions up - not down
The STUC called on the government to restore the earnings or prices link, ensure the pension is universal and is raised above the poverty level. It also condemned attacks on occupational pensions.

STUC: Put needs of trafficked women and children first
Congress strongly condemned the trafficking of women and children for sexual and other exploitation and pledged action to tackle this scourge and ensure that victims are supported, traffickers are prosecuted and those buying sex are penalised. .

Four national objectives define framework for how UNISON works in Scotland
Kate Ramsden (Communications & Campaigns) looks at UNISON Scotland's priorities for this year, who leads on them and how they are implemented. .

The STUC in brief
Congress puts the environment top of the agenda in the workplace: Anti -union laws must be challenged across the UK: Campaign to recruit more black members: Workplace learning should be there for all: Make the 'two ticks' scheme work for disabled people: Human rights for Gypsy Travellers: Court plans are 'barrier to justice' for workers: Glasgow Community Service Strike:

Review brings Campaign for Fair Pay in Local Government
UNISON Scotland will launcha "Fair Pay in Local Government Campaign" based on the lessons learned from the review of last year's pay dispute.

Aberdeen Forensic Lab to stay after UNISON campaign
Staff working for Aberdeen's Forensic Lab have received an email, telling them that the lab was staying open, with a guarded apology for the fact that the consultation process that the SPSA engaged in was not based on evidence but guesswork.

End parking charges in the NHS
The STUC pledged to continue the campaign for safe, adequate and affordable car parking at NHS hospitals. .

UNISON first pathway for migrant workers launched in Glasgow
March saw the first Pathway into UNISON course in the UK set up for migrants in Glasgow.

Scottish court victory features in new equal pay campaign
UNISON's court victory against fees and charges sought by "no win, no fee" solicitors who process equal pay cases, is to feature in a new UNISON campaign.

STUC: Balanced energy policy needed
The STUC again threw its weight behind a balanced energy strategy, based on a diversity of fuel sources from renewables to nuclear power, to ensure a secure and affordable supply of energy which contributes to a reduction in emissions.

STUC: Action to tackle self harm and suicide in young people
Suicide and self-harm could potentially affect everyone in some form at some point, Carrie Millugan explained. "We need to demand that employers introduce effective strategies in the workplace”.

UNISON backs Highland Pride ball success
UNISON’s timely intervention to sponsor the first ever Highland Pride ball has led to increased recruitment, and new links with the media and other campaigning groups.

STUC calls for boycott of Israeli goods, disinvestment and sanctions
A packed STUC fringe meeting heard a range of Palestinian speakers call on the Scottish Trade Union movement to support boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) on the Israeli state.

STUC: Palestine and Israel visit sees real life under occupation
Eleven senior Scottish trade unionists visited their opposite numbers in the Israeli Histadrut trade union centre and the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, in early March.



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