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March 2006 No 59 (Next issue April 2006)  

Local Government Pension Scheme under attack
Vote yes to fight for pensions
As we go to print, ballot papers are going out from UNISON and other trade unions to public service workers across Scotland calling for action to defeat plans to cut their pension rights. ... more...>

  Scottish Labour Party Conference
Overwhelming Labour Vote wins review commitment from Minister.
An overwhelming vote of support for Local Government Pension scheme workers at the Scottish Labour party Conference has won a commitment from Tom McCabe to look again at the legal advice on the rule of 85 ... web only more...>

Getting Equal!

Members are asked to return completed forms by no later than 31st March 2006. The Equal Pay Unit can process such enquiries, even if members have not been assimilated, so there is no reason to delay. ..more...>
UNISON slams Glasgow cuts
Glasgow City Branch has slammed council cuts of £31million after the council froze its council tax. "Yet again some of the most vulnerable members in our communities will be hit hardest. . . . more...>
LG Equal pay: More support for talks but law will used if needed
National UNISON officer Heather Wakefield has faced a lively question and answer session of Scottish Local Government branches on equal pay claims. Activists' questions reflected the work they are having to put in to meet, as Heather conceded, "the biggest demand branches will ever face".. . ...more...> 

Dawn raids condemned
UNISONScotland is to mount a campaign for an end to the forcible removal of asylum seeker families from Scotland and the practice of dawn raids with the traumatic impact this has, not only on the families being removed, but also on other refugee children who must live daily with the real fear that it could happen to them. .
. more...>


Scottish public sector spending boosts economy
Research challenges business assumptions

UNISONScotland has launched a report that provides evidence that challenges the claim that public sector spending in some way 'crowds out' private investment. ... more...>

  UNISON backing members in Courts Unification programme
Scotland's district courts are to become part of the Scottish Court Service in a phased unification programme starting in Lothian and Borders. UNISON is the recognised union and the only union which will negotiate on behalf of staff...more...>

Social Work report reflects staff concerns
UNISON has welcomed the Report of the 21st Century Social Work Review, saying that the concerns, frustrations and aspirations of many social work staff have been listened to and reflected in the report. . . more...>
Reconvened Black Members AGM marks its success

UNISON Scottish black members elected their new working committee at the reconvened AGM on 4th February 2006, in Edinburgh. . . . more...>
Finding new ways to protect asylum seekers' children

UNISONScotland has mounted a challenge to the 'inhumane' treatment of failed asylum seekers' children and has met Scottish Executive officials. . . more...>


  Moray UNISON attacks misinformation to staff
Moray Council UNISON has reacted angrily to claims by individuals trying to force the council to create a new talking shop, and weaken the influence of staff. . . . more...>


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