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Lay edited bi-monthly bulletin for 5,000 activists in Scotland
December 2007 No 70

Budget 'efficiencies' may become cuts
25% more savings needed to balance public service books. 'Efficiency targets without a strategy look like budget cuts under a different name'.

Devolution - the next steps?
The Scottish Parliament belongs to the people of Scotland and not to the political parties. Any means of reviewing its powers must reflect that fact, says UNISON Scotland Secretary Matt Smith.

All we want for Christmas is our pension scheme!
Around 1,000 UNISON members who are scheduled to transfer to the new Skills Development Scotland are still waiting to hear what is to happen to their pensions.

Free UNISON film tickets for NHS birthday'
Next year is the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the NHS and to mark the beginning of this celebration and also highlight UNISON's defence of NHS principles, UNISONScotland is showing Michael Moore's film Sicko at a special free showing at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) starting at 5.30pm on 15 January.

Dumfries campaign wins pull-back on cuts
A public campaign run by Dumfries and Galloway Branch to combat major plans for cuts in services and job losses by council officials, forced the council back from one fateful decision last month.

Scotland stands up for its NHS
You could hear the noise of the tartan army as Scottish Health branches took to the streets of Westminster on the 3 November UK Demo in defence of the NHS.

Glasgow daycare back to work after winning pay grade increase
Striking UNISON Learning and Physical Disability daycare members in Glasgow returned to work this month after narrowly voting to accept an offer from the Council.

East Lothian unions to consult on strike over single status imposition
East Lothian UNISON and two other trade unions have told East Lothian Council that they are going to run a consultation ballot for industrial action after the Council ignored their successful ballot to reject the single status package.

UNISON first for Highlands
The first Union Learning Agreement in the NHS in Scotland was signed on 3 December in Inverness.

Pensions - key decision approaching
Following considerable detailed negotiations between CoSLA and the trade unions agreement over the main constituents of the new Local Government Pension Scheme, a broad understanding has been reached on most of the outstanding issues.

Research into Personal Assistants' conditions takes shape
A government-funded research project into the working situation of Personal Assistants and their employers is being run jointly by UNISON Scotland and the Scottish Personal Assistants Employers Network (SPAEN).

'No confidence' at SEPA
A motion of 'No Confidence' in the management of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has been passed overwhelmingly by the troubled agency's staff..

UNISON questions Board over Monklands closure
UNISON Lanarkshire Health Branch has submitted a detailed paper to the Independent Scrutiny Panel (ISP) set up by Nicola Sturgeon MSP to re-evaluate the original proposals by NHS Lanarkshire to reconfigure accident & emergency (A&E) services and 'downgrade' Monklands Hospital A&E - one of the busiest in Scotland.

Signing up against violence
Eileen Dinning, UNISONScotland's Equalities Officer signed the Statement of Intent for UNISON recently .

NO SLAVERY! NO RACISM! St Andrew's Day Rally
The annual Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) St Andrew's Day event against racism and fascism took place on 24 November in Glasgow and marked the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade with the theme, "No Slavery! No Racism!"

Stirling leads the way in anti-racist fortnight
Stirling leads the way in anti-racist fortnight The recent Fortnight of Action organised by anti-racist charity, Show Racism the Red Card, has been their most successful.

Profile high as UNISON backs Big Gay Prom
UNISONScotland's LGBT group and our Young Members worked closely with Glasgay! and LGBT Youth, to organise a spectacular night in the annual Glasgay! festival.

Communications campaign winners
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Branch won this year's Scottish Campaigns Award for their Car Parking Charges campaign as this, the magazine and website awards were presented at Scottish Council.

Black members: UNISON pressure brings carers' success
NEC member Sofi Taylor told the Scottish Black Members Annual General Meeting how pressure from UNISON on the Home Office led to interim extensions of work permits for senior carers threatened with deportation.

Elizabeth Plazalska
An appreciation by Mike Kirby.



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