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Lay edited bi-monthly bulletin for 5,000 activists in Scotland
April/May 2006 No 60 (Next issue May/June 2006)

Pensions action forces new talks
A breakthrough in negotiations between the joint unions and local government employers at UK level has led to the suspension of the UK-wide action on 25-27 April, including the Scottish strike on 26 April.

Report backs nursery nurses
A research report commissioned by UNISON has confirmed all the union has been saying about nursery nurse pay and conditions.

Borders home care in privatisation threat
UNISON Scotland has slammed a leaked report that threatens to privatise part of Borders Council's Home care service and make low-paid home carers redundant.

STUC Perth 2006: Annual Congress Special: Stories by John Stevenson

Executive must come up with cash for equal pay
The STUC backed UNISON's call for the Scottish Executive to fully fund a fair, equal pay scheme for Scottish Local Government staff to match what had been done in other public services.

'Momentous occasion' as Palestinian and Israeli trade unionists meet
UNISON's Mike Kirby hosted 'momentous' meetings at the STUC bringing together reps from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) and the Israeli Histradut trade union federation

Jack arrives on cue as our Matt defends public sector
UNISON Scotland secretary Matt Smith couldn't have timed his defence of the public sector better at the STUC.

Ring-fencing no solution to cuts
We must fight against cuts in education expenditure but we also need to avoid ring-fencing that undercuts core services, says Bob Revie.

PFI protocol fails to protect workers being 'sold like slaves'
"Private companies are cutting pay and conditions. The protocol is being ignored", says UNISON's Mick McGahey.

Progress on asylum seekers' children campaign
The next step in UNISON Scotland's campaign for the welfare of asylum seeker's children to be paramount, was reached when the STUC General Council backed a statement agreed by three unions.

Help bring dignity to Zimbabwean women in their fight
Zimbabwean trade unionist Tabitha Khumalo told the STUC, "On a wage of £3, with sanitary towels costing £3, women have to choose between sanitary towels or food for their children. You know what they choose".

Act together on public service pay
Public service unions need to act together to challenge cuts in funding for pay, Katrina Purcell told the STUC.

Irresponsible 'off the wall' decisions about NHS funds
Funding private contracts with £45 million that could have been used by the NHS is 'irresponsible', UNISON Scotland vice-convener Lillian Macer told Congress.

Information right must cover all services
Increasing charges for Freedom of Information would undermine the accountability the Act has brought, Mags Dunbar tells delegates.

Action to stop the temporary contract trap
The STUC was urged to push for mass conversion of fixed-term to permanent contracts as the new rules come in on 10 July this year.

Fuel poverty campaign
Unions are to campaign for funding to encourage energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.

School behaviour needs resource response
The STUC has called for more resources to protect school staff and to manage and support children with behaviour problems.

Defend holidays
The STUC backed Karen Whitfield MSP's bill which would ban large stores from opening on Christmas and New Year's Day.

Balanced energy policy backed
The STUC backed a "balanced" energy policy - including new nuclear stations and prolonging the life of existing ones.

Connect with young Muslims
Unions must connect with young Muslim workers to present a united front against racism and encourage them to join and be active in unions.

In Brief from the STUC
Be proud of public services | STUC's corporate killing law plea | Disabled access must be implemented

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Sponsor a brick for Mary MacArthur
UNISON Scotland has backed a 'sponsor a brick' campaign to honour the memory of Scottish trade unionist Mary MacArthur.

Walk the loch
In April 2005 over 60 UNISON members and friends walked the 14 miles round the beautiful surroundings of Loch Katrine, making thousand of pounds for UNISON Welfare's Bucket and Spade appeal. Now they're doing it again on Sunday 21 May this year.




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