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Date: Thu 25 February 2010

Union fury at slap in face for low paid

Unions representing around 150,000 Scottish Council staff, today reacted with anger at what they said was CoSLA’s high-handed dismissal of their pay claim. UNISON, along with fellow unions Unite and GMB had submitted the claim for 3% for 2010-2011, but at a meeting yesterday, the claim was simply dismissed without any negotiations.

Dougie Black, UNISON Regional Organiser, and Lead Negotiator said:
“Despite the fact that CoSLA have already agreed to pay teaching staff 2.4% and their senior managers 2.5% this year, as part of multi-year deals, it appears that the value that they put on the main group of staff who deliver their services is nothing. These staff include the lowest paid in Scottish Local Government. For them it is a slap in the face.”

The unions are also angry that the employers chose not to address the detail of the trade unions’ claim but simply dismissed it in its entirety.

Jimmy Farrelly, Senior Industrial Organiser Unite, said:
“Just as the rejection of their claim shows how little councils value their staff, the brusque and dismissive treatment of their negotiators is further proof of the lack of understanding that these employers have. It is similar to the treatment that lords offered to their serfs.”

John Begley, GMB Organiser, said:
“Despite many authorities making provision for pay for SJC employees this year they now appear to want to backtrack on this and leave our members high and dry.”

Further talks have been offered by the employers, and the unions will now consult with their branches and consider if there is any likelihood of serious negotiations.


For Further Information Please Contact:
Dougie Black – Secretary TU side & UNISON 07958 121 851 (m)
John Begley – GMB Organiser 07921 885785 (m)
Jimmy Farrelly – Senior Industrial Organiser - Unite 07810157903(m)
Chris Bartter – Communications Officer (UNISON) 07715 583 729 (m)