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Glasgow Acute Hospitals Survey

Click here for Cleanliness in Glasgow Acute Hospitals Press Release

UNISON Scotland has long been concerned about the condition of a number of wards in various Glasgow Hospitals. This is we believe a function of under investment in and the contracting out of many domestic services over many years.

Domestic workers do what they can to keep wards and other areas clean but are often frustrated and demoralised by having to accept that due to lack of staff, cleaning frequencies, lack of resources and a myriad of other problems the service they help provide is unsatisfactory.

UNISON believes the NHS has much to gain in improving the standard of domestic services and returning those privatised back in house, the cost benefit analysis alone in terms of reducing the number of patients who pick up infections in hospital.

Below is a sample result from a questionnaire issued to staff:


  1. What hospital do you work in?

Total All Hospitals 53

  • What is your workplace within the hospital?
  • Accident & Emergency 3, Cardiology 2,

    Dental/Oral Surgery 1, Gynaecology 1,

    Haematology Lab 1, High Dependency Unit 2,

    Intensive Care 1, Nuclear Medicine 1,

    Out Patient Department 2, Radiology 1, Renal Unit 1,

    Surgery 1, Theatres 1, Wards 36

  • What is your job title?
  • Clinical Nurse Manager 1, Consultant 1, No Answer 1, Lead Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer 1,

    Medical Technical Officer 1, Midwife 1, Nurse 6,

    Nursing Auxiliary 11, Senior Dental Nurse 1,

    Senior Registrar 2, Senior Staff Nurse 3, Sister 13,

    Supt. Radiographer 1, Ward Manager 10

  • Do you have responsibility for the ward/area you work in?
  • Yes 49

    No 3

    No Answer 1

  • Do you feel the Domestic staff who work in your area are given enough time and resources to do the job properly?
  • Yes 4

    No 44

    Ambivalent Answer 5

  • Are you concerned the level of cleanliness in your workplace could affect patient health and if so how?
  • Yes 46

    No 4

    Ambivalent Answer 3


  • Have you ever reported or complained about the cleanliness of your workplace, if yes please give details, including whom you reported it to?
  • Yes 45

    No 6

    No Answer 3

  • Do you support UNISON's call for more money to be invested in Domestic Services and that privatised services should be brought back in house?
  • Yes 52

    No 1

    Ambivalent Answer 1

  • Is there anything else you wish to tell us?

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